ASQ Section 0511 November 2023 Meeting Announcement

7:00 - 8:30 PM Wednesday, 08 November 2023

Online Streaming via WebEx ONLY

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2023 Ranger Outings: A Year in Review

Conducted by Connie Broadie
ASQ Section 0511 Historian, Chair for Voice of the Customer, Secretary

Connie Broadie

Short Description:

In 2023, ASQ Section 5011 offered four (4) Ranger Outings: Udvar-Hazy Center in February, Morven Park in April, Apothecary Museum in July and Arlington National Cemetery in September. Each of those Ranger Outings had a highly knowledgeable Ranger as a Guide. Three of the four were followed by a Networking Lunch, and two of the four had additional optional events. Each were followed by a survey of participants. Many pictures were taken at all parts of those events, with the best ones to show and tell about!

As the Ranger Outings Review Lead, Connie Broadie will perform our annual review of all four (4) of the 2023 Ranger Outings. She will present both the organizational and educational aspects of those events and will illustrate them with plenty of pictures, historical facts, and survey feedback in the process. Those who attended those events will have a chance to briefly voice their recollections.

This Program is a unique event, the next best thing you can do to actually being with us at any of those Ranger Outings. And some of us attended all four!

As a bonus, we hope Connie's Presentation "2023 Ranger Outings: A Year in Review" will inspire you to join us in person at our Section's future Ranger Outings and, perhaps, even to help organize them!

Program Content:

You will learn the following from Connie's Presentation "2023 Ranger Outings: A Year in Review":


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Speaker Background:

Connie Broadie is the Quality Manager and Lead Internal Auditor for SoBran, Inc. Her experience includes compliance, training, IT and Security (NISPOM). She is also an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) and an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor (CQA).

Connie has been the ASQ Section 0511 Historian since 2016, Chair for Voice of the Customer since 2019, elected as Secretary for 2022 and re-elected for 2023. She is the Presenter of tonight's review as the Section's Ranger Outings Review Lead. You have likely responded to her requests for your voice to be heard through some of our polls!

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Member Meeting on 13 December 2023, Professional Night: Path to Quality

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