ASQC Section 0511
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

On Thursday, January 4, 1996 the Executive Board of ASQC Section  0511 met
to conduct the Society's business.  In attendance were:

Bill Toth  (301) 924-6131
Harvey Shaw (703) 892-2740
Patty Adair (202)745-7805
Bill Eastham (703) 323-5803
Suzanne Stuckwisch (703) 920-5730
Faisel Saeed  (301) 434-6513
Bill Casti  (800) 604-6149
Mark Jones (703) 222-4916
Roger Semplak
Judy Semplak

1.  The previous meetingís minutes were accepted with the following
clarifications to item 4b:  Suzanne S. will get mailing labels on disc
from Section 0509; Faisel S. will advertise Section 0509 events in our
newsletter, and we will advertise our events in their newsletters.  Faisel
suggested have a joint Board meeting with Section 0509.

2.  Treasurerís report.  December Beginning Balance was $19,744.48; 
Expenditures were $1,000; Deposits were 0.00.  The Ending Balance was 

3.  Standing Committee Reports.

Programs:  Bill E. will call Rebecca Lovern (programs chair) to give ASQC
Nationalís calendar with the monthly themes.  Harvey Shaw will talk o
Rebecca regarding Spouseís night for the June meeting.

4.  Newsletter.  Will be ready next Monday.  Faisel asked for more
information from Board and members.  He will include press clippings from
National; would like to have articles on upcoming speakers.

5.  Old Business.

a.  SMP.  Bill E. will mail copies of current SMP to the 4 officers.  The
main thrust of the SMP is to do committee realignment.  Bill E. will
distribute National Quality Calendar to all Board members.

b.  Professional Liaison Task Group.  Harvey will report next month.

c.  Distribution of Newsletter.  Need a date to transition Newsletter to
electronic access.  Date for publication of White Pages is April 15. 
White Pages will be published with the survey in next Newsletter (survey
due date will be end of February).  Board recommends keeping Newsletter to
bi-monthly;  there must be a 3-month calendar in each issue which should
list all events (classes, meetings, special events, etc.).  Mark J. will
get addresses (including e-mail) of all college/universities interested in
receiving Section 0511 Newsletter. 

e.  Moneys/Sub-budgets for Committees.  Roger will mail it to Patty A. for
electronic distribution; discussion tabled until Feb. meeting. 

f.  Spouses Night.  Harvey S. will bring information to February meeting
regarding a "Spouseís Night" in June. 

g.  Scholarship.  Discussion tabled until February meeting.

h.  Network City News.  We are still not sure what this publication is! 
Please send Suzanne S. names and addresses of other organizationís
newsletters, etc. for publicity purposes.  She will also search "Quality"
on the Internet. 

i.  Exhibit Display.  We need to make a decision on whether or not we want
to purchase the display.  It costs approx. $4,800.00.  Harvey S. will
bring information on it to the February meeting. 

6.  New Business:

a.  Advertising Marketing for Newsletter.  Harvey distributed ASQC policy
on paid advertising to the Board.  We need to develop a strategy for
soliciting advertising.  Each Board member should contact a few companies;
offer something like the 1st month free advertising in our Newsletter with
a commitment for 2 additional months at full price.  Roger S. advised that
we must put all paid advertising on one page of the Newsletter for tax
liability purposes (similar to an advertising page in a newspaper). 
Harvey, Bill Toth and Faisel will put together a strategy to present at
the February Board meeting. 

b.  E-media Liaison.  There was discussion between Bill C. and Section
0509 to do electronic media.  Section 0509 Board offered Bill C. the job
of E-Media Chair of Section 0509.  Harvey S. expressed his wish that Bill
C.  stay in Section 0511, but agreed that being a liaison for electronic
media between the 2 sections was a good idea.  Bill C. will act as
electronic media liaison between Section 0511 and 0509. 

c.  Unification of Quality Organizations (Henry Kling).  Tabled until
Henry can be at a Board meeting to present his concept. 

d.  1996 NQM.  The next NQM, to be held in Oct., will be the 50th
anniversary of ASQC.  Between now and end-August we need to go thru the
process of publishing our Sectionís history.  Walter M. has it (on paper
and in electronic format).  Bill E. will get the disc from Walt M. 

e.  Pilot Exam for Certified Quality Software Engineers will be held
Saturday, April 6 in Boston, MA.  Bill C. will put Body of Knowledge

f.  Online check systems.  Bill C. is investigating.

g.  Harvey S. will ask Crystal Pilkins to give us report on ISO 9000
Userís Group. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Patricia Adair
Section 0511 Secretary

January 31, 1996