ASQC Section 0511
     Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
     On Thursday, February 1, 1996 the Executive Board of ASQC Section 0511 met 
     to conduct the Society's business.  In attendance were:
     Bill Toth
     Harvy Shaw
     Henry Kling
     Mark James
     Jim Wilson
     The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.
     January minutes were reviewed and accepted.
     Old Business
     The realignment of committees was discussed, (addition of ISO committee) 
     and will be reflected in the SMP.
     The value of the Newsletter in its current format (bimonthly, 3rd class 
     Mail) was questioned.  A proposal to change the format to monthly, first 
     class mail was tabled until the next meeting.  Harvy Shaw offered to get 
     price to outsource production of news letter.
     Jim Wilson volunteered to serve as committee chair for New ISO committee.  
     He provided ISO 9000 users group report.
     M. Jones offered suggestions for professional liaison efforts.
     Review of the budget was tabled.
     Jim Wilson reported on scholarship fund.  (Attached)
     Motion to approve education action items was approved.
     Advertising list was tabled.
     Exhibit display was tabled.
     Unification of Quality Organizations was discussed.  Removing the Control 
     from ASQC was discussed.  The changing nature of the quality movement was 
     discussed.  Henry Kling and Bill Toth will solicit information and develop 
     a paper on subject.
     History of section for NQM was tabled.
     New Business
     Discussion of coordinating ASQC Energy and Environmental Division 
     activities into local section.  Bill Toth will discuss with Division 
     officials at March symposium.
     Partnering with Mary Washington Hospital for a project relating to Motor 
     Vehicle Injury Prevention was Discussed.  Steve Mills will provide more 
     information at the March meeting.
     AQP wants to cosponsor a dinner with Peter Schultes on May 7.  The idea 
     will be referred to Rebeca Lovern for further action.
     The meeting ended at 8:38 pm.