Minutes of the Northern Virginia ASQC Board Meeting - 6 June 1996

On 6 June, 1996 the Executive Board of the ASQC No. Va. Section 0511 met to discuss the society's business. In attendance were:
	Bill Casti 		(800) 604-6149	Electronic Media Chair
	David Kae		(703) 620-8071	Educational Chair
	Jim Wilson		(703) 255-9560	Outgoing Educational Chair
	Roger Schaffer		(703) 361-3422	Incoming Examining Chair
	Pat McMahon		(703) 308-6111	Incoming Publicity Chair
	Harvey Shaw		(703) 892-2740	Incoming Chair
	Dallas Frederick	(703) 750-4273	Incoming Program Chair
	Russ Carstensen		(301) 495-9100	Outgoing Program Chair
	Henry Kling		(703) 360-9134	Membership Chair
	Norm Hills		(703) 892-2740	ASQC Member 
The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m.

1. The May meeting minutes were accepted.

2. There was no Treasurer's report.

3. Standing Committee Reports.

a. The Electronic Media Chair presented his report. It was noted that the Publicity Chair and the Newsletter Editor should publicize the Section Homepage to help increase the accesses to the information.
b. The Education Chair provided the following report/comments:
c. Professional Liaison and Student Activities Chair: Mr. Shaw noted that he had received a fax from Mark Jones indicating that he could not attend and provided a number of actions that he needed guidance on. Mr. Shaw mentioned that the fax notificatio n was appreciated and that he would respond to the request for guidance.

4. Old business:
a. Revisit moneys and sub-budgets for Standing Committees: No discussion - continued item for next Executive Board Meeting.
b. Scholarship Fund: previously addressed by Educational Committee Chair

5. New business:
a. Election for Chair-Elect: Mr. Shaw pointed out that he had taken the initiative to send the ballots first class mail with a return stamp included. This was to facilitate the chances that we would receive the necessary 25% return. It was noted that a few people had notified him that they had not received their ballots. They would be provided new ones. A voice count of those present indicated that everyone had received their ballot. Mr. Shaw also noted that the timetable for voting would result in the announcement of the voting results at the next Executive Board Meeting. The results would not be available by the next dinner meeting.
b. Next dinner meeting: Those present were reminded that the next dinner meeting was to include spouses or significant others. The speaker had been chosen to appeal to the combined audience.
c. Baltimore-Washington Area Partnership for Learning and Cooperation: Mr. Shaw noted that minutes of the recent meetings were provided for review. A quick synopsis of the associations involved and the goals was provided. Mr. Shaw noted that he was looking for additional volunteers to participate in future planning sessi ons which will be held on Saturdays (once a month - 10:00 a.m. to noon - location to be provided).
d. ISO Committee Report: Mr. Toth did not attend, no report provided.
e. Regional Director's Budget: Mr. Casti provided a copy of a letter that has been circulated by the Baltimore Chair requesting support for providing a budget for the Regional Director. He provided some background on the proposal noting that at prese nt the lack of budget puts undue financial stress on the Regional Director. This is an attempt to get National to change existing policy. The proposal is to provide $1 per member per year. A motion was made and seconded to support this endeavor. The motion passed, the Board will write a letter to the National expressing support. The Board also encouraged each individual member to also write a supporting letter and send it to National.

6. Other business:
a. Mr. Shaw noted that he was maintaining a Section 0511 Quality Library. In fact, AAA had just returned two books borrowed with a thank you letter.
b. Mr. Shaw noted that he had just received a new Section Management Plan (SMP) training package. He will provide it to the new Chair-Elect at the conclusion of the election and will charge the Chair-Elect to be in charge of the SMP (with the Chair's assistance).
c. Pat McMahon noted that she had attended the National Conference on Federal Quality and that there were several interesting presentations by National that would be good potential candidates for future dinner meetings.
d. It was noted that Bill Casti's presentation at the National Congress was well received and that he would be giving it again at the Harford Community College within a week.

7. The Executive Board adjourned at 8:15 p.m. and all agreed to meet at Inchcape on Monday evening, July 1, 1996 to commence the new 1996/1997 Executive Board.