ASQC Chapter 511
     3 October 1996
     1.  Attendees
      Harvey Shaw            703-769-3877
     Gail Symons             703-379-0470 (h)        703-602-1564 (w)
     Bill Casti              800-604-6149
     Dallas Frederich        703-321-7221 (h)        703-750-4273 (w)
     Walt Mendus             703-354-5932
     Roger Schaffer          703-361-3422 (h)        703-892-2740 (w)
     Linda Lassiter                                  703-734-1477 (w)
     Mark Jones                                      703-620-8267 (w)
     Roger Semplak           703-491-8227
     2.  Approval of September Minutes - approved
     3.  Treasurer's Report
        Beginning balance was $15,921.34, income $990.00, expenditures 
     $928.48 for a balance of $15,982.86.
     4.  Committee Reports
        a.  National Quality Month - No report
        b.  Student Activities - Met with Dean Otten at Marymount's Loudoun 
     campus.  Received permission to leave 50 student membership 
     applications to display with their other materials.  Could not obtain 
     additional from ASQC headquarters.
        Called Loudoun County Administrator, Kirby Bowers, to see if he had 
     any interest in pursuing the community implementation packet discussed 
     at the prior meeting.  Did not reach him but would like to discuss the 
     idea with the board.  Loudoun County applied for the 1995 U.S. Senate 
     Productivity & Quality Award for Virginia (SPQA) in the state & local 
     agency category.
        Chair's updated information is fax: 603-620-8481; e-mail:
        c.  Publicity - no report
        d.  Membership - no report
        e.  Historian - no report
        f.  Education - no report
        g.  Electronic Media - All section officer and committee chair 
     e-mail addresses are changed with the domain name changing from to  For example, the Chair's e-mail address 
     was; it is now  Data was 
     provided on the number of times the various sections of the website were accessed.
        h.  Program - The following schedule of programs were provided:
        Nov 1996        Speaker: Joseph Carr
                        Organization: Consultant
                        Topic: Process Quality in Process Improvement
        Dec 1996        Speaker: Santa Claus
                        Organization: Whoopee Inc.
                        Topic:  Party
        Jan 1997        Speaker: Gerry Smedinghott
                        Organization: Watson Wyatt & Company
                        Topic: Quality in the Managed Health Care Field
        Feb 1997        Speaker: Joseph Petrone
                        Organization: Montgomery County Schools
                        Topic: Quality in Teaching
        Mar 1997        Speaker: Janic Chapman
                        Organization: Washington Gas
                        Topic: The Life Cycle of a TQM Program
     5.  Old Business
        a.  The deadline for the Newletter is the 1st of each month; the 
     Newletter will be published s-monthly.  Input can be forwarded to 
     Suzanne Stutkwisch or to
        b.  A brochure was received from ASQC headquarters on the Community 
     Quality Assurance Committee.  Ms. McMahon has some ideas but will need 
     6.  New Business
        a.  Extensive information was provided including Minutes of the 
     ASQC/IHI Prevention of Motor Vehicle Injuries Community Collaborative. 
      As one of ten pilot sites, Fredericksburg/Mary Washington Hospital is 
     "--making excellent progress and is well ahead of many other sites."  
     Dr. David Simmons continues to head this joint project.
        b.  Inputs to the ASQC Strategic Plan should be forwarded to Gail 
     Symons via e-mail.  The e-mail address is or
        d.  The phone book has not progressed.  Two people have e-mailed 
     Bill Casti with information.  Henry is to send a copy of the section 
     database file to Harvey.
        e.  The Newsletter editor will receive information on possible 
     advertising opportunities to help offset costs of distribution.
        f.  Bill Eastham volunteered Bill Casti to create a regional 
     director's homepage.  Bill will contact Bill directly.
     7.  The meeting was adjourned.