Harvey Shaw, Dallas Frederick,Walter Mendus, Bill Casti, Roger Schaffer, Mark Jones, Roger Semplak, Bill Eastham (via conference call)

1. Mr. Shaw opened the meeting stating that the October Meeting Minutes were not yet available due to the retirement of Gail Symons from the U.S. Navy. The minutes will be available when she returns from vacation.

2. Treasurer's Report: Mr. Semplak stated that a check had been received from National for $10,000.00 (from membership dues) bringing the total account value up to $25,750.72. Starting Balance: $14,654.75; Expenditures: $1,877.31; Deposits $12,973.28.

3. Committee Reports:

a. Professional Liaison - (written) Mark Jones & David Kae are working with a company on the Community Quality Assurance Committee project. A well done to both of them.

b. Electronic Media - Mr. Casti spoke about the homepage at Http:// - the number of hits for the month are increasing and impressive.

c. Examining: Mr. Schaffer reported that 22 examinees sat for the October exams - 19 CQMs, 2 CSQEs, and One CRE. There were no examinees for the CMI or CQT exams.

d. Newsletter - Mr. Shaw asked each chair to submit an article to the newsletter committee for each newsletter.

4. Mr. Shaw distributed Section 0511 letterhead and business cards to those in attendance.

5. Renewals and Harvey's letters: Harvey wrote and sent out over 12 letters to sustaining members whom renewed their memberships. He received notification of renewals from National - and has decided to write individual letters to each renewal - so they may start participating in dinner meetings and other events.

6. Unique/Section Brochure, 5-fold pamphlet (good stuff): Harvey received a box of these pamphlets "What is a Section". They will be available to all members - 200 were received for distribution.

7. Memo from Headquarters - A Research Fellow Grant Program letter was received from National and was passed around for Board members to read. It will be available for all concerned if desired - see Mark Jones.

8. Harvey ordered 6 each of two tapes which are available from National. The titles are: "ASQC Testimony: National Commission on Restructuring the IRS" (one hour in length); and, "Quality, The Future, And You" (55 minutes in length). These tapes are for check-out by anyone who wants to watch them or show them to their companies - contact Harvey for further details.

9. Regional Director nominations are now open for 1997 -7/1/97 - for a 2 year term. Section 0511 Executive Board will be nominating Bill Casti as our choice. Other nominations are welcome.

10. Strategic Plan: We will be working on the Strategic Plan at our January 1997 meeting - all Board members are strongly encouraged to attend - clear your schedule now and try to participate in our Board and dinner meetings.

11. December Meeting - Mr. Shaw will be unable to attend. Messrs. Frederick and Semplak will co-chair the meeting.

12. A Nominating Committee has been formed to nominate 1997-1998 Executive Board members. The nominations will be out for vote by February 1997 and results of the new board will be published by March.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m. Come and join the next Board - pizza will be the main course for meetings - until further notice.