ASQC Section 0511

Executive Board Minutes - 2 January 1997


Harvey Shaw
Dallas Frederick
Walter Mendez
Henry Kling
Linda Lassiter
Bill Casti
David Kae
Gail Symons
David Kae
Roger Semplak

Reading of Minutes: Minutes of 5 December 1996 Executive Board meeting were read and approved as amended.

Treasurer's Report:

	Beginning Balance: 	$25,797.05
	Receipts: 		    824.40
	Expenditures: 		     44.00
	Ending Balance: 	$26,577.45

Committee Reports:

  1. Programs: The March program will be presented by Dallas Frederick on the three elements of data.
  2. Historian: Nothing to report
  3. ISO 9000: The next meeting will be held on 14 January
  4. Electronic Media: Statistics on the web page were provided. Assistance is needed on the phone book, Linda Lassiter volunteered to assist Bill Casti with this.
  5. Education: Have income to deposit with the Treasurer. A special flyer will be sent out the week of 6 January outlining events for the next several months. These include workshops in strategic planning, measuring, ISO 9000 and Team Dynamics. Certification courses will be offered late in January for CMQ/CSQE and late in March for CQA/CQE. Information will be available on the hotline as well.
  6. Membership: Information gathered on membership of all sections in Area five in order to pro rate the cost of the regional director.
  7. Exams: 19 people took the last exam. About 20 journals have been submitted for re-certification.

Old Business:

  1. Stationery and calling cards are available for distribution to Executive Board members.
  2. The Community Quality Council is now a joint project between Mark Jones and Pat McMahon. David Kae made a presentation on the Greater Dulles Area Community Quality Council which is being developed in keeping with guidelines provided by ASQC headquarters and liaison with established Councils. Dallas Frederick moved the board appropriate up to $2000.00 for travel, lodging, expenses and appropriate materials to send members of the council to Madison, WI to observe and learn from their highly successful effort. The motion was seconded and approved.
  3. Henry Kling moved that the Science Fair awards of $50 gift certificates be doubled from three to six. The motion was seconded and approved.
  4. The strategic plan has been deferred to next month.

New Business:

  1. Bill Casti's nomination for Regional Director, Region Five, has been submitted to National Headquarters.
  2. If any Executive Board member will not be continuing on the board, they are to notify Harvey Shaw prior to March to facilitate the nomination process.
  3. A Zip Code directory update for National Headquarters was passed to Henry Kling for action
  4. The Electronic Media Chair has also assumed the duties of On-line//Database Chair, a position established by National Headquarters.
  5. There were no additional new items

Meeting Close: Motion to adjourn seconded and approved. Meeting closed at 8:00 p.m. Next ASQC 0511 Executive Board meeting is scheduled for 6 February 1997.