ASQC 0511
Board Minutes  6 Feb 97

Attendees:	Harvey Shaw
		Bill Eastham (by phone)
		Dallas Frederick
		Mark Jones
		Gail Symons	
		Walt Mendus
		Catherine Brooks
		Pat McMahon
		Henry Kling
		Bill Casti

Reading of Minutes:  Minutes of 2 January 1997 Executive Board meeting were read 
and approved.

Treasurer's Report:  The report for this month will be included in next month's 

Committee Reports:

a)  Program:  The February program will feature Doug Warner speaking on knowledge 
based learning organizations.  Request the board consider purchasing a PC 
viewer to support our speakers rather than requiring them to use an overhead 
projector.  Discussion was held on the merits of various technologies.  Bill 
Eastham will present specifics on technologies and prices at the March 
meeting.  Purchased a copy of the "What is a Survey?" presentation from ASA 
for $50.
b)  Publicity:  Recommend updating the Hotline to include voice boxes so that 
people calling in have the option of going directly to the information or 
person they require.  Pat will obtain cost and features for the March 
meeting.  The Washington Baltimore Area Learning Partnership is collecting 
information on the competencies and interests of the members for each 
participating group.  This information is probably available through the 
various certification programs.  The AQP Chesapeake and Capital chapters are 
linking together and will provide us access at their table during their 
National Congress in May.
c)  Professional Liaison:  Catherine Brooks was introduced as the newest member 
of the board serving in this capacity.  Harvey will provide her the 
information she needs on the requirements of the position.
d)  Historian:  Walt is collecting newsletters for the files.
e)  E-media:  A draft of the member white pages was sent out to all board 
members .  The Adobe reader will be required to access the information.  The 
reader is available at no charge from their web site,  The 
publish data is as of September.  Statistics on access to the web pages were 
f)  Membership:  National was provided the information requested on the 
geographic area for Section 0511.  The zip codes include 2200xx through 229xx 
and 250xx through 254xx.  Bill Casti will sort the database by zipcode and 
send that out as that provides the actual zipcodes for members.  It may 
differ from the above as we accept members who live or receive their mail 
outside the designated area.
g)  Education:  Mark Jones made the report for David Kae.  The flyer has been 
sent out on the schedule of events.  David had expressed concern about 
members not receiving it already but several board members indicated they had 
received it just that day.
h)  Community Quality Council:  The group has changed course from eliciting a 
need to providing information and has expanded from just the Dulles corridor 
to the entire Northern Virginia area.  Specifically targeted will be the 
Senate Productivity and Quality Award and garnering more participation from 
business in this area.  The council is planning to send 1 member to Orlando 
for the ASQC Quality Conference and one to the AQP National Congress.

Old Business:

a)  Bill Casti's nomination as Regional Director had been submitted prior to 
receiving any additional nominees so it will stand.
b)  Membership information on-line is expected to be available the week of 10 

New Business:

a)  Nomination for 1997 - 1998 Executive Board members is due to National by 1 
March.  There will be a mass mailing sent to all members of good standing.
b)  Bill Eastham is arranging his schedule so that he is in the DC area the first one to two weeks of each month through May.  After that time, he will be in the area full time.  
c)  Board positions open include secretary, treasurer and chair-elect.  The 
current treasurer is expected to continue on; Harvey will verify.  Both 
Harvey and Bill have possibilities for the other two positions.
d)  The Board attendee  to the 51st Annual Quality Congress in Orlando was 
discussed in some detail.  If Harvey cannot attend, Bill Casti was nominated 
to stand in for the Chair.
e)  At the request of Catherine and Pat, the next meeting will be held at a 
restaurant just of the Beltway to decrease their travel time dependent upon 
their identifying said place.  Otherwise, the meeting will be in Fairfax as 

Meeting close:  Motion to adjourn seconded and approved.  Meeting closed at 
8:15 p.m.  next ASQC 051 Executive Board meeting will be held on Tues, 4 
March vice Thursday, 6 March due to the number of board members absent from 
the area on the normal meeting night.