ASQC 0511
Board Minutes  3 Apr 97

Attendees:	Harvey Shaw, Chair
		Bill Eastham, Chair Elect
		Dallas Frederick, Historian
		Mark Jones, CQC 
		Gail Symons, Secretary
		Walt Mendus, Programs
		Catherine Brooks, Professional Liaison
		David Kae, Education
		Pat McMahon, Publicity
		Roger Schaffer, Examinations
		Linda Lassiter, ISO
		Bill Casti, E-media

Reading of Minutes:  Minutes of 4 March 1997 Executive Board meeting
were read and approved.

Treasurer's Report:  The report for this month will be included in next
month's report

Committee Reports:

		a) 	Program:  Catherine Brooks will be the presenter
for the April meeting on Quality to the Bottom Line: Open Book
Management.  In July, the presenter will be someone from the Montgomery
county public schools
		b) 	Publicity:  She is writing a news release on
involvement of SPQA and the activity at AQP.  The cost of adding
mailboxes so that chairs can place announcements would raise the cost
from $15/month to $50/month.  Could put a separate directory on the web
to provde the information.  This would be an effective way to
communicate what is going on in the committee.  It was decided that only
the chair, education and membership will have their names and phone
numbers announced on the hotline plus one event for the month.  This
would normally be the dinner and speaker.  Chairs can e-mail the
information for the Web to Bill Casti.  This can include upcoming events
and a calendar.  The chairs should include dates and other pertinent
		c) 	Professional Liaison:  The Baltimore Washington
Quality Partnership will be jointly paying for a booth at the AQP
conference.  We are offering the use of our display.  She will contact
Phil Landesburg and recommend that if they use the display, we do not
pay $50 and if the do not use the display, we will pay the $50.
		d) 	Historian:  Nothing new.
		e) 	Examining:  March exams went well.  The majority
were for software engineer, around 18 to 20.  There were 2 for CRE, none
for CMI, none for CQT.
		f) 	E-media:  No statistics.  The white paper
expected to be done the weekend of 5-6 April.
		g) 	Education:  Three workshops have been held with
over 20 participants in the Team Dynamics.  The Measuring Organizational
Performance (MOP) workshop had seven people.  The study group for MOP is
scheduled for the week of 7 April.  CAQ certification is going on
currently.  CSQE and CQM will begin July courses.
		h) 	Community Quality Council:  He drafted and had
Harvey sign a letter to the board chair for the Senate Productivity &
Quality Award asking if we can adopt their process.  This was sent out
on 18 March with no response yet.  We have offered to publicize their
award program.  The booth space will be complementary for sending out
flyers for SPQA.  Harvey passed on congratulations to Katherine, Pat,
Dave and Mark for their work.
		i) 	ISO 9000:  The next meeting will be on 13 May.

Old Business:

		a) 	The planning for the National Quality Month
should start right now.  The down link will be on 9 October from 11:30
to 1:45.  Will explore the possibility of a down link with PRC.  The
timing is good for the award process.  Maybe we can involve the Fairfax
County Chamber.
		b) 	The board approved the new cost of $5767.85 to
cover the cost of the static display.  It is recommended the display be
covered by insurance; probably through ASQC.  Bill Eastham will explore
that possibility.  Pat McMahon will look into proposals for renting the
display to offset the cost.  Catherine Brooks has offered to house the
		c) 	The educational scholarships have lots of
possibilities with no resolution.  The Education committee will propose
recipients at the next board meeting

New Business:

		a) 	The new Region Five Director, Sal Sciccitani,
will be very active.  He has already called each chair in his region and
has asked the current chair of Section 0511 to be his deputy regional
		b) 	Henry Kling will collect board recommendations
on for people to be recognized at the June dinner meeting.  The meeting
will be a combined business meeting and recognition of accomplishment
for the year.  
		c) 	Harvey is to find out if Inchcape will be
penalized in any way if we do not meet every month at their facility.
If not, we will continue to rotate locations for the convenience of many
board members.

Meeting close:  Motion to adjourn seconded and approved.  The next
meeting will be on 1 May at Inchcape.