ASQC 0511
Board Minutes  1 May 1997

Attendees:	Harvey Shaw, Chair
		Bill Eastham, Chair Elect
		Gail Symons, Secretary
		Walt Mendus, Historian
		Bill Casti, E-media

Reading of Minutes:  Minutes of 3 April 1997 Executive Board meeting
were read and approved.

Treasurer's Report:  

	March:		Beginning Balance	$29,250.72
			Expenses		  3,579.53
			Income			    872.52
			Ending Balance		$26,543.71

	April:		Beginning Balance	$26,543.71
			Expenses		  8,075.35
			Income			    623.94
			Ending Balance		$19,092.30

Committee Reports:

		a) 	E-media:  The White Pages are on line
		b) 	Publicity:  Created labels and mailed over 1000
notices to Northern Virginia businesses announcing the SPQA Forum for
Excellence in Richmond.  Send publicity releases to all local Northern
Virginia papers regarding the establishment of the Community Quality
Council.  If any members see it printed, please save a copy for the
Publicity Chair.  Provided input to Kathy Free for the Quality
Partnership's material for the booth at AQP.  Updated the hotline for
May's dinner meeting.
		c) 	Historian:  Nothing new.
		d) 	Examining:  March exams went well.  The majority
were for software engineer, around 18 to 20.  There were 2 for CRE, none
for CMI, none for CQT.
		e) 	Community Quality Council:  Three subcommittee
members were present at the Forum for Excellence in Richmond on April
22, 1997.  Catherine Brooks and David Kae did a fine job of manning our
display booth, which looked absolutely wonderful; in fact it was one of
the most impressive displays there.  Catherine approached Dr. Mark
Edwards, the SPQA Board Chair, directly and asked him about our proposal
to use the SPQA process as the driver of our NVCQC efforts.  He
acknowledged receiving the letter, indicated some concern on the part of
board members and assured her that the board would address the issue
again.  Catherine and Mark have been lobbying the board members
individually on their insights as to what is going on.  The NVCQC have
developed alternative courses of action including proceeding with our
plans without their blessing or to create our own community quality
award.  The committee will make a decision by the next board meeting.
		f) 	Chair-Elect:  Have received the Section
Management Plan materials from National.  It will cost $250 to ASQC
national in support of the national Quality Month.  Won't penalize if
not sent but we need to send for 1996 plus one for 1997 of $250 for a
total of $500.  Approved unanimously.

Old Business:

		a) 	Roxanna Timberlake has volunteered to be
		b) 	Individuals to be recognized include David Kae
(with a letter), June Barr, David Casti, Crystal Pilkins, Bob Wise and
Jum Wilson.  Corporate recognition will be given to Intertek, ADI and
		c) 	The Lap top projection costs range from $4200 to
$6900.  LCDs range from $3200 to $4400.  This has been tabled until the
June meeting with the possibility of having a demo in July.

New Business:

		a) 	No new business.

Meeting close:  Motion to adjourn seconded and approved.  The next
meeting will be on 5 June at Tyson's Doubletree.