ASQC 0511

Board Minutes 5 June 1997

Attendees:	Harvey Shaw, Chair
		Bill Eastham, Chair Elect
		Gail Symons, Secretary
		Bill Casti, E-media
		Roger Semplak, Treasurer
		Catherine Brooks, Professional Liaison
		Pat McMahon, Publicity
		David Simmons, Healthcare
		Tim Gavagan
Reading of Minutes:  Minutes of 1 May 1997 Executive Board meeting were
read and approved.

Treasurer's Report:  

	May:		Beginning Balance 	$19,092.30
			Expenses		    750.86
			Income		            534.50
			Ending Balance		$18,875.94

Committee Reports:

	a) 	Community Quality Council:  No response to date
from letter sent to SPQA Board Chair, Dr. Mark Edwards.  Catherine
Brooks approached several local board members and asked them about the
possibility of presenting SPQA workshops at an 0511 sponsored event
later this year and received a favorable response.  Pat McMahon
contacted principals at the joint Virginia Tech/UVA Performance Center
facility in Falls Church with a proposal to have the center host the NQM
downlink this October, and build an agenda around the event.  A meetings
was scheduled for June 4th but was canceled at the last minute due to
illness.  New date is June 19th.  Because the October date is too late
for SPQA workshops (the application is due November 30), a summer event
is contemplated.  Intent was to discuss this with the performance center

	b) 	E-media:  Nothing to report
	c) 	Professional Liaison:  Jointly sponsored a booth
at the National AQP in Baltimore.  The Council for continuous
Improvement is exploring partnering with ASQ for similar services
(training).  At AQP, gathered what other community quality councils do.
The primary take away is that they each pick a focus or niche to
maximize their efforts.  Made lots of contacts.  Continued partnering
with the Capital Area AQP.
	d) 	Publicity:  Met with Ken Harmon (VaTech) and
Russ Lettner (UVa).  They are extremely interested in hosting the NQM
downlink.  They will also bring in the Blacksburg Va Tech folks.  Ken
recommended workshops around the NQM with experts and award winners
making presentations.  The meeting on 19 June mentioned in the CQC
report will be used to set up committees.

Old Business:

	a) 	Don Hendrix will be contacted as a possible chair for the
Education Committee.
	b) The Educational Scholarship Fund is still sitting in passbook
savings.  No action to be taken at this time. 
	c) 	It was moved and unanimously passed to authorize
funds in the amount of $400 for the NQM downlink for this year.
	d) 	A general discussion was held on the issue of
plaques and the wording to be inscribed on the.  It was moved and passed
that the already authorized plaques would be inscribed with the
recipient's name on the first line, "for significant contributions" on
the second line and "ASQC Section 0511" on the third line.  It was
further moved and passed that plaques will not be approved for
presentation or others as recognition in the future.  Left open was the
possibility of developing more appropriate means to recognize speakers
and major contributors.

New Business:

	a) 	The Chair reported on the National Quality
Congress.  He presented two CDs with materials presented at the
Congress.  He also passed brochures on the Community Quality Councils to
that committee's members.  Slides will be presneted at one of the board
or section meetings.
	b) 	Harvey will accompany the ASQ president in
testifying at the Rayburn Building on TQM in the federal government on
Monday, 9 June, at 0930.  The hearings have been called by
Representative Steve Horn from California.
	c) 	The Deming Memorial Lecture sponsored jointly by
Section 0511 and AQP will be held on 23 September.  Heero Haakebord will
present a speech on Performance Measures.  More details will be obtained
at the Partnership meeting 7 June.
	d) 	It was moved and passed to conduct a membership
needs assessment.  The last assessment was conducted over three years
ago.  Bill Casti and Mark Jones will lead the task force or ad hoc
committee in accomplishing this.
	e) 	Tim Gavagan has volunteered to take on the
duties of Publicity Chair, allowing Pat McMahon to fill the National
Quality Month Chair.  This was endorsed and made official by the board.
	f) 	Prior to the meeting, a presentation was made by
David Simmons on the ASQC-partnered effort with Mary Washington Hospital
in Fredericksburg.  This initiative has the goal of reducing crash-related
injuries among persons 15 - 19 years of age.  Similar partnerships around
the country have goals of reducing drunk driving, pedestrian accidents and
the like.  In this effort, a number of interventions have been instituted
including restraint checkpoints, a No Crash newsletter and community
education.  One success was the passing of a primary restraint bill by the
Virginia Assembly, later vetoed by Governor Allen. Interestingly, the
statistics indicate that alcohol is not the primary cause of teen-aged
crashes, poor driving skills including inattention account for the largest
number.  Just recently, a No Crash Bash was held with a traffic safety
focus.  The event featured 3 bands, 7 food vendors and 13 traffic safety
educators.  Attendance was approximately 3000.  A series of graphs
indicate the success of the program with an overall decline in the
accident rates over the past year.  His request for possible support later
this year in establishing a similar partnership in the D.C. area was well
received.  More details will be provided at another board meeting. 

Meeting close:  Motion to adjourn seconded and approved.  The next
meeting will be on Wednesday, 2 July, at Intertek.