The Northern Virginia Section 0511
                      American Society Of Quality Control
             Volume 10           September, 1994            Issue 7
CHAIRPERSON: Mary Ann Stasiak 		(O)703-604-2210, X7411
VICE CHAIRPERSON: Barbara A. Lembcke
George Mason University                 (O)703-993-8834
Office of Finance & Planning            (F)703-993-8707
   Internet Email: LEMBCKE@GMU.EDU
SECRETARY: William A. Eastham, Jr.      (O)202-586-3628
APEX                                    (F)202-586-7734
TREASURER: Roger Semplak      		(H)703-491-8227
MEMBERSHIP: Henry Kling            	(O)703-360-9134
PROGRAMS: Russell V. Carstensen         (O)703-739-0084
EDUCATION: Jim Wilson              	(O)703-330-4222
EG&G WASC Inc.                		(F)703-330-4099
PUBLICITY: Harvey Shaw          	(O)703-892-2740
ADI Technology Corp           		(F)703-892-8994
NEWSLETTER EDITOR: Anthony A. Pastuszak (O)703-478-5384
Information Concepts Unlimited          (F)703-742-8738
EXAMINING: Dallas E. Frederick          (O)703-750-4273
Washington Gas                		(F)703-750-5603
HISTORIAN: Walter M. Mendus        	(O)703-354-5932
PROFESSIONAL LIAISON: Barba Affourtit   (O)703-778-0318
IRI, Inc.                     		(F)703-323-5015
ELECTRONIC MEDIA: Bill Casti 		(O)703-513-5673
   Section Email:
  Personal Email:
HEALTH CARE: David Simmons         	(O)703-938-5227
STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Bob Gehagan         T.B.A
REGIONAL DIRECTOR: Dave Simmons    	(O)717-780-4974
Message From The CHAIR
Summer never seems long enough anymore - here comes Fall!  We're off to a
running start, providing certification programs, workshops, and seminars. 
Plans for the National Quality Month Celebration promise an outstanding
program. CQA/CQE courses are available this semester at low cost to
members through Section 0509, in addition to offerings by several local
companies.  Contact Education Chair Jim Wilson for details. 
Results from the ISO 9000 Users' Group survey are back - see how your
views compared with others'.  The Section 0511 membership survey has also
just been completed, and will be reported to you in the next issue -
please watch for it. Our seminars and workshops are built on the topics
most requested by the survey responses.  Your input helps us to serve you
Last year was a great success for us in the Section Management Plan - we
received Level IV status (highest available on ranking). To get there, we
initiated more planning, focused more on our goals, learned more about our
processes, and started growth and outreach programs. Walter Mendus
shepherded us through and his perseverance paid off. Thanks, Walter! Our
dinner meetings this year will parallel Quality Progress topics. And to
start off the year, we are acknowledging companies and individuals who have
given us great support. In July, we thanked ADI Technology Inc. for their
support - in September we will thank Inchcape Testing Services (formerly
Intertek). Please join us to give them a hearty "Thank Q."
Do you know any organizations that would like a speaker on the topic of
quality - a high school career day, Kiwanis Club, Chamber of Commerce?
Contact our Professional Liaison Chair, Barba Affourtit, for an engagement
with our Speakers Bureau (over 20 available speakers on a wide range of
quality topics).
We welcome several new Board Members this year - Tony Pastuszak for
Newsletter, Bob Gehagan for Student Activities, Jim Wilson for Education,
and David Simmons for Health Care (also, the Division Chair for Health
Care). Please take the opportunity to get to know them - we're here to help
The Section 0511 Board is anxious to help you reach your goals in the
quality arena. Call on us with any questions or assistance you may have for
us. See you at the Silver Plate!
        -- Mary Ann Stasiak

First ISO 9000 Users' Group Meeting is a Success!
Eight-eight area professionals attended the first ISO 9000 User's Group
meeting on July 26, 1994 at NEC America in Herndon, Virginia. The meeting
was sponsored by NEC America, ASQC Chapter 0511 and CEEM. Mr. Kevin Cooper
provided an excellent presentation on the revisions to the ISO 9000
standards. His presentation began with an overview of the standards and
reviewed clause by clause the pending changes. Mr. Cooper's experience and
practical approach to ISO implementation enhanced the discussion. CEEM
representatives were also on hand to display the latest books and other
reference material available on ISO 9000. The meeting was an excellent
opportunity to learn more about the standards and network with other
If you missed the first meeting, don't despair. The Users' Group will meet
every other month with the next meeting scheduled for September 27, 1994 at
7 p.m. at NEC America. (For further details concerning this meeting, please
refer to the Meetings Section of this Newsletter).
For information on the ISO 9000 Users' Group Email Discussion List, send 
email to Bill Casti at: .

ISO Users' Group Survey Results
Surveys were sent out prior to the first ISO 9000 Users' Group meeting to
learn more about prospective members. The results revealed that 95% of the
user members were not registered to the ISO 9000 standard. However, 65%
anticipated registration to the 9001 standard, and 42% of the companies
included software design and development. The survey also revealed
additional information about the companies as described below:
Type Of Business
     Commercial               20%
     Govt. Contractor         37%
     Fed./State Govt.         13%
     Consultant/Contractor    30%
Type Of Industry
     Manufacturing            17%
     Services                 35%
     Design & Development     35%
     Other                    13%
Results of the survey also indicated that many of the users are seeking to
improve their knowledge and understanding of the ISO standards. For
example, the following statistics are based on the actual number of people
responding in each of the following catagories: 
Level of ISO Knowledge
     Very Low/Little          12
     Low/Some                 21
     Moderate                 22
     High                     09
ISO Training
     Overview                 22
     Implementation           05
     Documentation            06
     Lead Auditor             12
     None                     27
The respondents indicated that the primary benefits expected for
participation in the Users' Group are to gain information on the ISO 9000
implementation, gather general information on the standards, and to network
with other area professionals. We greatly appreciate the feed back from the
members and hope that your participation in the group will assist us in
providing these benefits. We hope to expand the planning committee and ask
for volunteers to aid with the coordination of future meetings. If you
would like to volunteer or require further information, please contact one
of the following ISO 9000 User's Group committee members:
  Crystal Pilkins   703-834-4615
  Donett Murphy     703-406-8787
  Gale Bobzien      703-330-0825
What's Happening at the Northern Virginia ASQC?
Well there is a lot happening. Lets start with getting us all together.
Look at the following:
October Dinner Meeting
                          Thursday, October 20, 1994
                         Joint Meeting:  ASQC & APICS
                          Topic:  ISO 9000 Standard
                       Speaker:  Carol A. Christobek,
                                P.E., CQE/CQA
                           Chesapeake Bay Seafood,
                      1488 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD
                               6-7pm Social Hour
                                 7-8pm  Dinner
                            8-9pm  Carol Christobek
                            Dinner:  $20 per person
Carol A. Christobek is the Manger of Quality Implementation for Uniform
Tubes, Inc. of Collegeville, PA. Carol has over 15 years experience in
quality assurance, primarily in the metals and manufacturing industries.
She has an advanced degree in Metallurgical Engineering, and is a
registered Professional Engineering in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Carol is an ASQC Certified Quality Engineer and Certified Quality Auditor.
In her current role at Uniform Tubes, Carol is responsible for the
implementation of a variety of quality efforts, including the Total
Statistical Process Control (TSPC) and Employee Involvement/Team programs.
Carol is the leader of the Uniform Tubes ISO 9000 Team. In this capacity,
she is required to coordinate the efforts to twenty sub-teams charged with
self-assessment and development of methods to comply with the requirements
of ISO 9000.
Carol is an Adjunct Professor at both the Philadelphia College of Textiles
and Science and Temple University, where she teaches TQM in the MBA
Curriculum. She has served as an examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National
Quality Award in 1993 and 1994, and as a Senior Examiner for the
Pennsylvania Quality Leadership Award during its inaugural year in 1994.
                           Friday, October 21, 1994
                                Sponsor: ASQC
                        Topic: Understanding ISO 9000
                        Speaker: Carol A. Christobek,
                                 PE, CQE, CQA
We are sponsoring a one-day seminar, Understanding ISO 9000, in Northern
Virginia on Friday, October 21, 1994. This seminar will be lead by Carol
A. Christobek and is scheduled to run from 8:00 A.M. through 4:00
P.M. Seminar  cost will include coffee breaks, lunch, and a seminar manual.
This seminar is designed for every level of management and the topic is
crucial in today's business environment. If you are interested in your
professional development, in improving your business, in continuing to
compete in the 90s, you should plan to attend. If your industry is
shrinking and budgets are declining, you should plan to attend. Details
will follow.
                              September 27, 1994
                            ISO 9000 Users' Group
                 How to Assess Your Organization for ISO 9000
                         Speaker: Mr Malcolm Appleby
                              NEC America, Inc.
                             14040 Park Center Rd
                              Herndon, VA 22071
                                  Cost: FREE
Malcolm Appleby is a specialist in Third Party Quality Management
System Certification, Registration, and Accreditation in relation to the
ISO 9000 series standards.
He has worked with certification bodies to assist with application
preparation and meeting compliance requirements to obtain Registrar
accreditation from national and international accrediting organizations;
and trained assessment personnel through recognized courses registered in
the USA, Japan and Europe. He was a member of the ISO Technical Committee
(TC) 176 working on defining the ISO 9000 series standards. Currently he is
employed as Director of Registration Services with KPMG Quality Registrar
in New Jersey.
We are fortunate to have Mr. Appleby share his extensive experience and
sensible approach to ISO 9000 implementation.
Please feel free to bring a friend to the meeting. Advance registration
and/or membership is NOT required and the meeting is FREE.
To get to NEC America, take the Dulles Toll Road WEST to Route 28 South; go
past both the Renaissance Hotel and NEC on the left. Make a U-turn at the
next light on Route 28. Turn right at the NEC building (Renaissance Park).
You will find parking at the rear of the building.
For further information, please contact:
  Donett Murphy at 703-406-8787, or   Crystal Pilkins at 703-834-4615.
                                 Study Group
                The Measurement of Organizational Performance
                          Coordinator: Mr. Bob Wise
                             703-549-3824 (X305)
The Chapter is sponsoring a Study Group on the Measurement of
Organizational Performance (MOP). Beginning this fall, the Study
Group will sponsor a series of monthly presentations on the latest theory
and practice concerning the role of measurement in the improvement of
organizational performance.
The September meeting is scheduled for 7:00-9:00 P.M. on September 19,
1994. The speaker will be Dr. Alton Clark, a Research Associate of Dr.
Scott Sink of the Virginia Quality and Productivity Center at the Virginia
Polytechnic Institute located in Blacksburg  Virginia. Dr. Clark will
update the study group on the Sink and Tuttle Model that has been the basis
for the Group's past meetings.
The October meeting is scheduled for 7:00-9:00 P.M. on October 12, 1994.
The speaker will be Dr. Carl Thor who has written extensively on this
The MOP Study Group Meetings are held in the training room of the QVE
Corporation which is located off Route 1, just south of Route 495. Contact
Mr. Bob Wise, Study Group Coordinator at 703-549-3824 (X305) for further
                               Upcoming EVENTS
Wednesday, Oct. 12; 900-11:00 A.M.
A Framework for Improvement in a Volatile World: Kay Carlson, Director
of the Washington Deming Study Group. Location: Ritz-Carlton at Pentagon
City. Sponsored by the Association for Quality & Participation. For
reservations call Tom O'Brien at 703-941-6146 and indicate the event  you
are reserving for.
Friday, October 14, 12:30-4:30 P.M.
W.Edwards Deming...His Learning and Legacy. An international teleconference
on the occasion of Dr. Deming's Birthday. Speakers include: Myron
Tribus, Gypsy Ranney, Peter Scholtes, Russell Ackoff, and Brian
Joiner. Location: GSA Auditorium, 18th&F Street, N.W. (near Farragut West
Metro Stop). For information and reservations, call Lela Leakey 703-603-
3218 Ext.27
Thursday, Oct 20, 9:00AM-12:00 P.M.
Facilitator Workshop on Teams. Joe Willmore, Consultant and ASTD Board
Member. Location:USDA Graduate School, 600 Maryland Avenue (near L'Enfant
Plaza Metro Stop). Sponsored by the Association for Quality &
Participation. For reservations call Polly Selesky at 301-961-7964 and
indicate event you are reserving for.
Thur/Fri, Oct 27,28, 1994
Quality Initiatives for a Safer and More Productive Construction Industry.
Sponsored by the Architectural/Engineering and Construction Division (A/EC)
and will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Washington, D.C. If you need
further information on this meeting, please contact Mr. Tom Mudge 215-422-
Applying Deming Principles at Naval Air Systems Command; Dr. John
Vetter, Command Statistician, Naval Air Systems Command; and Barb
Affourtit, Vice President, IRI Inc. Location: George Washington
University Medical center Auditorium, 23rd & Eye Street, N.W. (across from
the Foggy Bottom Metro Station). Sponsored by Washington Deming Study
Group. For reservations call 301-340-0325.
Tuesday, December 6; 6:00-9:00 P.M.
Washington Deming Study Group Christmas Party featuring Peter Scholtes,
author of "The Team Handbook." For information & reservations call 301-340-
                          Education Committee Update
                              Chair: Jim Wilson
Your Education Committee met on August 18, 1994 to develop an Education
Plan for 1994-1995.  Your committee members are:
       Jim Wilson 1994-95 Chair
       Michael Regauld
       Barbara Lembcke 1993-94 Chair
       Crystal Pilkins
       David Williams
       Jim Mustachio
       Bill Taylor
       David Kae
       Ed Stasiak
       Frank Irr
       Harvey Shaw
We have selected the following top four educational needs/interests from
our recent section membership survey for workshops and seminars:
     Customer Satisfaction
     Performance Measurement
     Leadership and Strategic Planning
     Process Analysis
These workshops/seminars will be planned to meet your preferred meeting
times--Saturday mornings for 2-4hours.
Barbara Lembcke will continue the Measurement of the Organization
Performance Study Group Meeting monthly from 7:00-9:00 PM.
Crystal Pilkins will coordinate the ISO9000 User's Group Meeting every
two months on Tuesday nights from 7:00-9:30 PM at NEC in Herndon,
Virginia..  The September 27, 1994 meeting topic will be "Assessing Your
Readiness for ISO 9000."  The initial meeting of this group had 88
The survey also revealed a significant interest in ASQC certification
(CQA/CQE/CRE) and the Baldrige Award criteria.  Harvey Shaw and ADI will
present these Certification Review Courses on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 -
8:00 p.m. beginning September 6, 1994 through November 22, 1994.
Jim Mustachio and the Northern Virginia Community College will present
ISO 9000 courses during the Fall semester at the NVCC Woodbridge and
Annandale campuses.
Bill Taylor is contacting all committee chairpersons to determine if and
how we may contribute to their plans and goals.
Jim Wilson will determine how we may contribute to the Section's
Strategic Plan.  We want to help make our Section's vision and goals become
a reality.
Stay tuned for more details as we develop our plan for 1994-1995!
Are you aware that Harvey Shaw and his colleagues teach courses offered
in conjunction with the Northern Virginia Community College. Well, if you
didn't then here we go:
MNGT 903-30W: Nov. 19/94 8AM-5PM
This one-day seminar will instruct participants on the tools, philosophy,
techniques, and standards for efficient and effective professional quality
systems auditing. ANSI/ASQC 90 and ISO 9000 standards will be covered.
Major topics covered:
  ISO 9000 series standards
  ANSI/ASQC 90 series standards
  Audit guidelines & responsibilities to include: scope, reference, audit
  objectives, definitions, and client/auditee responsibilities
  Review of various types of audits
  Audit team composition
  Audit planning
  Working reports
  Examination and collection of evidence
  Audit reports
  Corrective action

.8 C.E.U./R.U.(s)   Cost: $145.00
MNGT 503-30W: Oct 22/94 8AM-12PM
Now that your organization is committed to establishing a quality system
which meets the intent of ANSI/ASQC 90 (series) and ISO 9000 (series)
standards, and you are the one individual assigned to make it happen, you
may need a kick start to help get the process going. This one-day seminar
provides instruction for building your Quality Manual as a centerpiece for
such a program. Instruction gives you step-by-step guidance for laying out
a manual tailored to your organization's needs to ensure that quality
management and system elements are properly identified and that provisions
for monitoring and controlling quality system performance are included.
Each participant will guild his/her own Quality Manual through information
obtained in the seminar.
.4 C.E.U./R.U.(s)   Cost:$75.00
MNGT 904-30W: Nov. 5/94 8AM-5PM
This one-day seminar will explain the benefits of using TQM to implement
the International Quality Systems Standards. Participants will learn
techniques for analyzing processes, cultivating leadership, maintaining
consistency of purpose, and holding down implementation costs.
Major topics covered:
  How to use TQM principles to implement ISO 9000
  Team Approach and Internal Customer Focus
  ISO 9000 Training and Communications
  Internal Organization Assessment
.8 C.E.U./R.U.(s)   Cost-$145.00
MNGT 502-30W: Nov 16/94 9AM-5PM
The essence of preparing for ISO 9000 is "say what you do" and make sure
it's all in writing. This course provides the basic tools for documenting
the procedures for ISO 9000. Topics include specific requirements for
documentation and some approaches and formats. These formats and approaches
are designed to reinforce the principles learned and provide practical
experience in effective documentation.
.8 C.E.U./R.U.(s)   Cost-$145.00
MNGT 501-30W: Sep 17/94 9AM- 1PM
MNGT 501-31W: Oct 5/94 8AM-12:30PM
Is your company investigating ISO 9000 registration? The first, vital step
in preparing for registration is to be sure that top-level management
understands what it means, what the benefits can be, and what the costs
might be. This overview provides the basis for structuring a discussion
about the advantages and disadvantages of ISO 9000 registration.
The class will answer the following questions:
  What is ISO 9000 registration?
  How does it work?
  Why get into it?
  How can an organization prepare for it?
.4 C.E.U./R.U.(s)   Cost: $50.00
MNGT 901-30W: Oct 5,6,7/94 8AM-5PM
Participants will learn how to take the lead in developing, implementing,
and auditing quality system programs that meet the ISO 9000 (090)
standards. Course participants will learn: quality system assessment,
assessment planning and participation, report generation and follow-up
activities. Case studies and experience in conducting effective audits. A
two-hour exam is given on the last day of the course. (This course was
developed in accordance with the ISO 10011.)
2.4 C.E.U./R.U.(s)  Cost:$695.00
MNGT 902-30W: Oct 15/94 8AM-5PM
A one-day seminar designed to introduce participants to the ISO 9000
standards, their requirements, and the registration process. This seminar
will help individuals determine if ISO 9000 registration is appropriate for
their organization.
Major Topics Covered:
  ISO 9000 requirements & application
  Detailed review of the guidance document, the contractually invocable
  documents, the quality management and quality systems requirements
  Review of the ISO 9000 certification process
  Review of tasks required to prepare for an ISO 9000 certification audit
  Sources of information, help, and certification
.8 C.E.U./R.U.(s)   Cost: $145.00
Call 703-878-5770 or 5755 to register with either Master Card or Visa. If
you have a registration form, then:

  Use the fax number (703-670-8433) to fax your completed registration form
with your Master Card or Visa information, or

  Mail your completed registration from with your Master Card, Visa
information, or a check, or money order payable to Northern Virginia
Community College. The mailing address is:
Northern Virginia Community College
Woodbridge Campus Office of Continuing  Ed.
15200 Neabsco Mills Road
Woodbridge, VA 22191-4099
Have you heard of The Public Sector Network? The ASQC has recently
instituted this technical committee for those who work on implementing
Total Quality Management in the government. For their first newsletter,
please call Henry Kling on 703-360-9134.
                    FROM THE EDITORS DESK
Well, we're OFF!  The start for this Newsletter was a little bumpy but who
would have dreamed that we would have lost two 540M hard drives over a
month-and-a-half.  My respect for Murphy and his gremlins only increases
over every such experience.  But now to business. 
Are you aware that ADI Technology Corporation has a solid base for
training personnel in the auditing disciplines.  ADI has had four
successful years since teaching began in the CQA arena, as the following
figures demonstrate: 
CQA Course Results
             National Avg      ADI Avg
Dec/91           29%             88%
Jun/92           37%             80%
Dec/92           41%             72%
Jun/93           33%             79%
Dec/93           45%             78%
Jun/94           N/A             75%
For your information, the ADI CQA Review Course provides basic quality
auditing tools and concepts and prepares the student for the ASQC CQA
Examination. It is typically a 12 week course utilizing lectures, case
study teams, and practice tests to present the material. All areas of the
ASQC CQA Body of Knowledge are included in this course. Although it is
probably too late to enroll in the September Classes, you may want to jot a
calendar note on this item or contact ADI for further information. Call ADI
at 703-892-2740 and ask to speak with information or ask for Harvey Shaw.
Now to our next item, OPINIONS. As Henry Kling would say, "Opinions are
like birthdays - every body has one."
Well, Henry is right.  And, recognizing that all of you carry talents,
specialty skills, and experiences from a diverse set of disciplines, I
would like to extend an invitation to all of you to contribute your ideas,
comments, suggestions, recommendations or any COMMENTARY you feel is
appropriate.  In the next issue of our Newsletter, we will begin a
COMMENTARY Section with the intention of stimulating thought and dialogue
on important matters. 
If you would like to participate in this activity, please mail your
thoughts and ideas to me at the following address:
Information Concepts Unlimited
Attn: Anthony Pastuszak (Newsletter)
P.O. Box 493
Herndon, VA. 22070
If you prefer, fax to me your thoughts, or any other correspondence using
my ICU fax number: 703-742-8738.
Notice, to all potential authors. If you would like to contribute
ARTICLES or submit COMMENTARIES for possible publication in this
Newsletter, then please:
o  submit your scripts on a 1.4M 3.5" Diskette,
o  all script files should be in ASCII or WORDPERFECT Format.
o  the script files must be suitable for use on a PC/386+ System.
o  please label the diskette and include both your name and phone number on
   that label.
o  mail the diskette to my attention at ICU, PO Box 493, Herndon VA 22070.
o  remember copyright law: if you plan to quote from a documented source
   in your scripts, then it may first be necessary to secure from that 
   source, written permission  to use the quoted material.
As a last item of business, let me take a moment and thank Harvey Shaw
who as you all know, was the previous editor of this Newsletter. Anyone who
has ever worked a newsletter understands the effort, commitment, and
unselfish giving of time, that Harvey put into this activity. Thank you
Harvey for a job well done!
It Snuck in
                           Thursday, October 13, 1994
                                  Sponsor: WSS
                      W.E.Deming-Statistical Methodologist
                               Barbara A. Bailar
                                Thomas W. Nolan
                   Bureau of Labor Statistics Training Center
                             Postal Square Building
                              Suite G-440, Room 1
                                2 Mass. Ave., NE
                                Washington, DC.
                                12:30-2:30 P.M.
                                 Carl Pierchala
The Washington Statistical Society (WSS) Methodology Section is sponsoring
a Special Session meeting on the topic, W. Edwards Deming: Statistical
The speakers at this meeting will be Barbara A. Bailar, American
Statistical Association, and Thomas W. Nolan, Associates in Process
Improvement. Discussants at this meeting will be Samuel Greenhouse,
George Washington University Biostatistics Center, Fritz Scheuren,
Internal Revenue Service, and Carl E. Pierchala, National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration.
Abstract: Ed Deming is best remembered today for his work in quality
management, but he was also a statistical methodologist. Indeed, he served
as WSS Methodology Chairperson in the 1969-70 and 1970-71 program years. In
honor of his many contributions to statistical methodology, join us on the
eve of the 94th anniversary of his birth for this special presentation.
The speakers, both accomplished statisticians, will each give 30 minute
presentations focusing on Deming's uses of and contributions to statistical
methodology. Barbara Bailar will emphasize sampling and surveys, and will
also mention Deming's contributions to the American Statistical Association. 
Tom Nolan will focus on the statistical aspects of improving quality,
including enumerative vs. analytic studies, a concept championed by Deming.
This meeting will be held at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Training Center
in Washington DC. (Red Line -- Union Station). Enter at First Street.
NOTICE: Federal government employees must show ID; nongovernment
employees must call Ed Riddick at 202-606-7376 to add their name to the
visitors' list.