The Northern Virginia Section 0511
American Society Of Quality Control
Volume 11           November, 1994            Issue 2 
CHAIRPERSON: Mary Ann Stasiak   	(O)703-604-2210, X7411
VICE CHAIRPERSON: Barbara A. Lembcke
George Mason University                 (O)703-993-8834
Office of Finance & Planning            (F)703-993-8707
                        Internet:       LEMBCKE@GMU.EDU
SECRETARY: William A. Eastham, Jr.      (O)202-586-3628
APEX                                    (F)202-586-7734
TREASURER: Roger Semplak                (H)703-491-8227
MEMBERSHIP: Henry Kling                 (O)703-360-9134
PROGRAMS: Russell V. Carstensen         (O)703-739-0084
EDUCATION: Jim Wilson                   (O)703-330-4222
EG&G WASC Inc.                          (F)703-330-4099
PUBLICITY: Harvey Shaw                  (O)703-892-2740
ADI Technology Corp                     (F)703-892-8994
NEWSLETTER EDITOR: Anthony A. Pastuszak (O)703-478-5384
Information Concepts Unlimited          (F)703-742-8738
EXAMINING: Dallas E. Frederick          (O)703-750-4273
Washington Gas                          (F)703-750-5603
HISTORIAN: Walter M. Mendus             (O)703-354-5932
PROFESSIONAL LIAISON: Barba Affourtit   (O)703-778-0318
IRI, Inc.                               (F)703-323-5015
ELECTRONIC MEDIA: William N. Casti      (O)703-513-5673
HEALTH CARE: David Simmons              (O)703-938-5227
STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Bob Gehagan         T.B.A
REGIONAL DIRECTOR: Dave Simmons 	(O)717-780-4974
Message From The CHAIR 
The economy in the metropolitan Washington area has shown signs of another
boom in the quality arena - three companies in the past month have made
job announcements for quality professionals available in the last month.
Good news for us and good news for our members. 
At our September dinner meeting, two young men, Brian M. Green and William
P. Marseglia, displayed their award-winning projects from the 1994
Northern Virginia Science and Technology Fair. Each used statistical
analysis in a different way in his project, and was awarded a $50 bond by
ASQC. Christopher K. Koomson also won an award, but was not able to join
us. It was wonderful to see the inventiveness for the use of statistical
skills by high school students. Well done! 
Do you belong to or work for an organization that may be looking for
speakers on quality-related topics? Our speakers' bureau has over 20
speakers available to talk on topics from Total Quality Management to
Process Analysis to ISO-9000. Perhaps a Chamber of Commerce, PTA, or work
team you know of may need some help in related areas - use this resource
to your advantage. Call Barba Affourtit, Professional Liaison Chairman,
for information. 
The Education Committee has developed some terrific study groups and
workshops coming up. "Measuring Organizational Performance" meets monthly,
and the "ISO-9000 User's Group" meets bi- monthly. Both are nominal fee to
members, covering administrative cos ts. Upcoming workshops: Customer
Satisfaction in October, Leadership and Strategic Planning in December,
Process Analysis in February. Call Jim Wilson, Education Committee
Chairman, for details. 
How are we doing in your eyes? Questions/comments are always welcome -
give me a call, I'd love to hear from you. 
Mary Ann Stasiak
95 Chairman, Section 0511 09/94 
The W. Edwards Deming Memorial Lecture
On June 16 our section heard Bill Scherkenbach give the Deming Memorial
Lecture on Profound Knowledge.  The focus of the lecture may point the way
to the next wave of the never-ending quality revolution. 
We learned Profound Knowledge contains four disciplines Deming argued are
the basis for any leader - systems, variation, psychology, and knowledge. 
We also heard that to successfully change a person or an organization to a
quality culture requires an approach on three fronts - the physical, the
logical, and the emotional. 
And we learned barriers to change on each of the three fronts - physical
distortions, logical fallacies, and emotional prejudices. 
It is only be effectively combining the four disciplines that we gain a
complete view and can develop a quality organization. 
The action plan for each of us to develop profound knowledge begins with
extensive reading, on the order of a book per week or more.  A recommended
list for the first 27 weeks was suggested - along with "anything by
The question and answer session addressed the workings of the brain,
recognition of quality by other authors, and group dynamics, thus bringing
an appropriately "soft" ending to what is often mistakenly believed to be
a "hard" area.  Summary learning poin ts included requirements to look at
the world receptively "as a little child" and to make continuous learning
a personal application of continuous process improvement. 
The Ritz-Carlton hotel, a Baldrige Award winner, was an appropriate
setting for a lecture dedicated to Dr. Deming (even if he didn't thing
much of awards).  Feedback solicited from attendees included compliments
about the setting and complaints about the food. 
And we were certainly left with enough food for thought and personal
development assignments to last until next year's memorial presentation. 
Bill Casti
Hello and welcome to a new monthly column in the Section 0511 Newsletter!
I'm Bill Casti, Section 0511's Director for Electronic Media. That means
that I drive the electronic intra-section, inter-section and
inter-regional communications we're striving for. 
With the enthusiastic and active participation of our Region 5 Director,
Steve Bailey, and the other Chairs of your Section 0511 Board, we are
making every effort to get all of our members linked electronically with
their section and with other sections,to speed time-sensitive ASQC and
other Quality-related materials to you, to provide you with a paperless
way to receive your Section newsletters, Calendar of Events, news from
other sections and late- breaking news that may be of importance to you in
you r daily professional lives. An ancillary benefit to fully-utilizing
this means of communicating with our members is that we can then take the
money we save on paper and postage and put it into providing more
educational training and workshops for you! Inc luding some future ones on
getting basic access, using ftp, telnet and gopher and "Using the Internet
as a Resource Tool for Quality Science"! 
We are also in the process of e-linking our section with other sections
in our neighboring Regions, as well as those across the US, Canada and
Mexico. In order to do so, we've been providing "pointer addresses", of a
standardized format, to other section s. Following is a listing of
worldwide sections and their email addresses. If you're going to be
travelling in their areas, on business or pleasure, or just want to know
how they're dealing with various issues and problems, you can now send
them email and ask!
Section / Location / Email Address                             

0109 Western Massachusetts, USA
0406aSaskatoon, Saskatchewan CANADA
0409 Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
0502 Baltimore, Maryland, USA
0511 Northern Virginia, USA
0703aTiajuana, MEXICO
1008 Michigan:Lansing-Jackson
1009 Top-of-Ohio:Bryan, Ohio USA
1105 Tennessee:Knoxville,
(Sections having an "a" following their numbers are sub-sections.)
Most of you should have received a mini-survey from us a few months ago;
if you didn't, let me know and I'll mail--or email--you one. We have used
the information you provided to plan how to proceed with this project. One
of the key areas of agreement the respondents had was that they'd like to
be able to contact other section members by email. So, we have compiled a
"White Pages" file of members who want to be accessible that way. If you
want a copy of the file, send me a note and I'll email it to you; c opies
of the updated listing are available at our Monthly Dinner Meetings, too. 
In order to more fully connect to our Section 0511 members, in order to
share our professional expertise and Quality Science information and to
enable each of us to connect to ASQC members elsewhere, the Executive
Board of ASQC Section 0511 is committed t o using every possible resource
available to us to provide time-sensitive information in a timely manner,
by now also using the fastest and most cost-effective means possible--the
If you need help getting an Internet access account or in connecting your
hardware (computer and modem) to your access point, we can help there,
In future issues, I'd like to use this column to also answer a few of the
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) you may have about the Internet, our
Electronic Access Project or any other related questions you might have,
so feel free to send your questions or comments, by the means most 
comfortable to you:
Email:                        PO Box 1412
Home (week nights before 10pm)                          Herndon, VA 22070-1412
Voicemail/Pager: (703) 513-5673
Fax (days, 8-5): (703) 716-0479
This article is (c)opyright 1994 by Bill Casti and Harvey Shaw. 
The Education Committee is looking for interested and qualified
instructors to teach the CQA/CQE Review course in the Spring of 1995. 
This is an opportunity to provide a valuable community service and earn
some extra income.  We need instructors, curricu lum developers, logistics
planners, and a team leader for this initiative. 
For further information, please contact:
Jim Wilson at   703-330-4222
                                703-631-2670 (Metro)
                                703-330-4099 (FAX)
The Health Care Committee
The newly formed Health Care Committee of Section 0511 is moving forward
on several fronts. 
Members of the ASQC Health Care Division who are Section 0511 members will
soon receive a mail survey to determine topics and areas of interest and
willingness to participate in committee and section activities. Survey
responses will be used to develop ac tivities of interest to health care
members. For information about Section Health Care Committee activities,
contact Dave Simmons at 703-938-5227. 
Norman C. Frank
PE, CQE, CQA, CER Corporation 
ISO 9000 Almanac, by Eric D. Peters, Ed., published by IRWIN Professional
Publishing (1333 Burr Ridge Parkway, Burr Ridge, IL 60521), 1994, 315 pp,
$75.00 (list)
This book answers the question most often asked by companies working
toward ISO 9000 registration: Where can I find resources that help me
achieve registration?  Listed in the Almanac are consultants, registrars,
seminars, books, videos, and software desi gned specifically to help
companies prepare for, achieve, and maintain registration.  Several
indexes are provided that assist the reader to quickly locate the
The editors solicited descriptions of the services of consultants and
registrars, and these were included in the Almanac.  The Almanac also
lists seminars, videos, and books concerning ISO 9000, the registration
process, and the European Community (EC).  The contact and price of each
are also provided.  A special section covers software available for
training, audit/survey checklists, and developing quality manuals. 
The Almanac includes a full description of consultant and registrar
services.  The industries served and scope of their certificate is
sometimes broadly covered and sometimes listed directly.  The seminar,
video, book, and software listings include a desc ription, availability,
topics covered, contact, cost, and length, where appropriate.  That way
you know better what you are getting for your money. 
The indexes include title, subject, consultant, geographical consultant,
source, U. S. sources of help, and EC information sources.  These allow
you to locate the source of that video you heard about, the consultant
closest to your facility, or the U. S.  government agency that can provide
you information about selling your products in the EC. 
The Almanac provides a great deal of well organized information for
companies working toward or maintaining registration to ISO 9000. 
Recommended as a source book for those companies. 
Mr. Frank has over 25 years experience in the field of quality, in the
areas of nuclear quality assurance, research and development, and
consulting.  He is currently in Washington, D.C., with CER Corporation out
of Las Vegas, Nevada, and can be reached at 202- 488-5444.
Letter to the Editor:
Dear Editor,
Mr. Allen R. Bailey brings up some good points and misses the boat on some
others. There is indeed a need for a national organization for auditors to
meet and discuss common problems associated with auditing. This is obvious
just from talking to a few com panies that have been subjected to a "bad"
ISO audit. But, this organization already exists; it is the Quality Audit
Division of the American Society for Quality Control. I can provide
information on the Quality Audit Division if Mr. Bailey would like inf
The Quality Audit Division has over 13,000 members right now and continues
to grow. The Division holds an annual conference each year for quality
auditors to meet, network, and learn in a congenial atmosphere. The 1995
Quality Audit Division Conference wi ll be held at the Stouffer Hotel at
the Baltimore, MD Inner Harbor on February 23-24, 1995. There are
tutorials Monday-Wednesday , February 20-22 and a Division meeting on
Saturday, February 25th. This is the forum for Mr. Bailey to use in his
call for an 'auditors' meeting" in conjunction with a national conference.
I am the 1996 Quality Audit Division Conference Chair and would entertain
a definitive, positive, suggestion from Mr. Bailey on how this 'auditors'
meeting" could be held in conjunction with the 1996 Conference. I would
also look to Mr. Bailey to lead the effort of setting up the meeting. 
Please put Mr. Bailey in touch with me.
Norman C. Frank
        Region 5 Quality Audit Division Councilor, and Conference Chair
        1996 Quality Audit Division
ASQC Membership Statistics: 
Straight from the ASQC News Bureau, are some membership and activity
numbers you may find interesting: 
INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS              Over 140,000
SUSTAINING MEMBERS      	       1,000
DIVISIONS       			  21
CERTIFICATIONS          Approximately 55,000
                       Approximately 145,000
ISO 9000 Information:
Source for information and materials on ISO 9000 standards is the American
National Standards Institute (ANSI). Their address is: 
        11W.42nd St., 13th Floor
        New York, NY 10036
For additional information on standards and related regulations, contact
the the National Center for Standards and Certifications Information,
National Institute of Standards and Technology, TRF Building, Room A163,
Gaithersburg, MD 20899. Their telephone number is 301-975-4040
For training materials, contact:
        611 E. Wisconsin Ave.
        Milwaukee, Wisc., 53202
How to Submit your thoughts to your Newsletter
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experiences, I extend an invitation to contribute your ideas, comments,
suggestions, recommendations or any COMMENTARY you feel is appropriate. 
If you would like to participate in this activity, please mail your
thoughts and ideas to me at the following address: 
Information Concepts Unlimited
Attn: Anthony Pastuszak (Newsletter)
P.O. Box 493
Herndon, VA. 22070
If you prefer, fax to me your thoughts, or any other correspondence using
my ICU fax number: 703-742-8738. 
Notice, to all potential authors. If you would like to contribute ARTICLES
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        Just a note.
"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without
integrity is dangerous and dreadful." 
                -Samuel Johnson