QUALITY MATTERS	  The Monthly Newsletter of Section 0511	May, 1995


As many of you know, the new year for ASQC is fast approaching.  This year
has brought us the start and continuation of many outstanding programs: 
ISO 9000 User's Group, Measurement of Organizational Performance Workshop,
and the National Quality Month Celebration to name a scant few.  As the
new year approaches, we strive to maintain our current level of activity
and grow to meet new needs.  A new slate of officers for Section 0511 will
be rising to meet that challenge, and we need your help to make it work. 
Several committees remain open at this point:  Programs, Newsletter,
Publicity, Professional Liaison, and Student Activities.  Your help and
support would be greatly appreciated. 

During previous focus groups and through our surveys, we have found that
members often join ASQC with peer networking as a prime motivation.  In
order to better target the needs of specific groups within our membership
(and help to trim our biggest contin uing cost -- mailings), the Board has
decided to focus the mail/information we send out by Special Interest
Groups (SIGs).  We plan to use the ASQC Division codes as the SIGs to
focus our mailings.  You don't need to join an ASQC Division in order to
get our Section mailings -- look for the enclosed card to choose as many
SIGs as you like.  And you'll always be able to change or identify more
SIGs for mailings.  The Executive Board is hoping this will be an
expedient way to meet your needs and hold down the costs. 

If you attended April's dinner meeting, you already know that Eugene Lynch
of Metters Industries, Inc. has won our "Name the Newsletter" contest with
QUALITY MATTERS.  He will be our guest for dinner at the May dinner
meeting.  All the entries were creative, thoughtful and much appreciated. 
Thanks to all who took the time and energy to enter. 

As always, your Executive Board welcomes your comments, complaints, and
"attaboys."  You're always welcome to call me at the numbers listed on the
front page of this newsletter [Electronic readers: see the end of this 

Until next month . . .Mary Ann Stasiak



Join your fellow quality professionals in an intensive workshop on
strategic quality planning.  Using the case study approach, you will first
be placed in the role of Quality Award examiner to review and evaluate the
strategic quality planning of a National Quality Award applicant.  After
reviewing the Award criteria, you will use both individual and group
scoring to determine a rating for the organization's strategic quality

Based upon your evaluation, you will then shift to your consultant's hat
to recommend a strategic quality plan for the following year and to revise
the next year's quality award application accordingly.  You will then rate
the new strategy using the new Award criteria. 

We will then compare your recommended strategic quality plan with the
actual national award winning entry. 

Cost is $10 for Section members, $15 for non-members for workshop
materials and refreshments. 


ASQC Section 0511 Meetings Calendar

May, 1995

ASQC Section 0511 Regular Executive Board Meeting:

Thursday, May 4, 1995
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Location:  Intertek Board Room

ASQC Section 0511 Workshop:

Saturday, May 6, 1995
10:00 am - 1 pm
Topic:  Orienting and Welcoming New Members
Speakers:  Henry Kling, Dr. Joan Cassidy
Cost:  $10.00
Registration:  Call Henry Kling (703) 360-9134

MOP Study Group:

Wednesday, May 10, 1995
7:00 pm- 9:00 pm
Topic:  Organizational Performance Measurement
Location:  VSE Corp, 2550 Huntington Ave., Alexandria, VA
Coordinator:  Robert Wise, Ph.D.
Registration:  For info & directions, call
 (703) 549-3824, ext. 305

ASQC Section 0511 Workshop:

Saturday, May 13, 1995
9:00 am till 12 Noon
Topic:  Strategic Planning
Instructor:  William R. Taylor
Location:  Fairfax County Government Center, Fairfax, VA
Cost:  $10 members; $15 non-members
Registration:  Barbara Lembcke, GMU, 703-993-8834 by 5/8/95

Dinner Meeting:

Wednesday, May 17, 1995
6:30 - 9:00 pm
Topic:  Software Maturity Model
Speaker:  TBA
Cost:  $15.00
Location:  Silver Plate Restaurant, Fairfax, VA
Registration:  Intertek (703) 591-1320 by noon, Mon. May 15

ASQC National:  Annual Quality Congress

May 22-24, 1995
Location:   Cincinnati Convention Center, Cincinnati, OH
For conference brochure, call ASQC National at 1-800-248-1946

June, 1995

ASQC Section 0511 Regular Exec. Board Meeting

Thursday, June 1, 1995
7:00 pm till 9:00 pm
Intertek Board Room

MOP Study Group:

Wednesday, June 14, 1995
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Topic:  Organizational Performance Measurement
Location:  VSE Corp, 2550 Huntington Ave., Alexandria, VA
Coordinator:  Robert Wise, Ph.D.
Registration:  For info & directions, call
 (703) 549-3824, ext. 305

Dinner Meeting:

Wednesday, June 21, 1995
6:30 - 9:00 pm
Topic:  Internal Communications
Speaker:  TBA
Cost:  $15.00
Location:  Silver Plate Restaurant, Fairfax, VA
Registration:  Intertek (703) 591-1320 by noon, Mon. June 19

ASQC Section 0511 Workshop:

Saturday, 24 June 1995
Topic:  Training Managers to Facilitate 
Instructor:  Joseph Wrobel
Cost:  $10 ASQC members; $15 non-members
Location:  New Fairfax County Government Center
Registration:  Call Jim Wilson, (w) 703-330-4222 or (h) 703-255-9560

August or September, 1995

Dr. W. Edwards Deming Memorial Lecture (tentative):

August or September, 1995
Topic, Lecturer, Cost & Location:  TBA

July, 1995

MOP Study Group:

Wednesday, July 12, 1995
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Topic:  Organizational Performance Measurement
Location:  VSE Corp, 2550 Huntington Ave., Alexandria, VA
Coordinator:  Robert Wise, Ph.D.
Registration:  For info & directions, call
 (703) 549-3824, ext. 305

Dinner Meeting:
Wednesday, July 19, 1995
6:30 - 9:00 pm
Topic:  Business Process Re-Engineering
Speaker:  TBA
Cost:  $15.00
Location:  Silver Plate Restaurant, Fairfax, VA
Registration:  Intertek (703) 591-1320 by noon, Mon. July 17

October, 1995

NQM '95 Conference

Thursday, October 26, 1995
Topic:  Quality Happens through People
Location, etc:  TBA



Your Education Committee is planning a multi-year Education Plan.  We have
identified 7 education tracks to pursue.  Each track was developed from
the last membership survey of interests and needs.  We envision each track
will have parallel development and delivery.  It will go in the direction
of participant's interests and will probably go from basic to intermediate
to advanced information.  We plan to use a variety of learning methods. 
Each track will go as long as there is interest by participants, then we
will start over again or develop new tracks.  We will need wide membership
participation to develop and deliver these multiple, multi-year, diverse
tracks.  We need your participation in your track of interest.  Stay



The Section Education Committee has added a representative from the Health
Care Group to assist in developing courses of interest to Health Care
professionals in the Section.  If you have suggestions, please call: 

Abbie Beamer at
703-321-2629;  or 
Dave Simmons at


TITLE:  Training Managers to Facilitate
PURPOSE:  Learn a process for facilitating problem-solving groups
DATE/TIME:  Saturday, 24 June 1995  9:00 am till 12 noon
LOCATION:  Fairfax County Government Center, Fairfax, VA
COST:  $10.00 ASQC Members;  $15.00 non-members
Includes refreshments and workshop materials
REGISTRATION:  Jim Wilson (w)  703-330-4222 or (h)  703-255-9560


Editor's Note:  The following article appeared in last month's _Quality
Matters_.  Unfortunately, the author was mis-identified as Section 0511
Vice-Chair Barbara Lembcke.  The author is Dr. James A. Mustachio,
Director of Continuing Education at Northern Virginia Community College. 


QUALITY STANDARDS IN EDUCATION		     by Dr. James A. Mustachio

Have you ever considered how a student can transfer academic credits
earned in a college in one region of the country to an institution in
another part of the country?  Why is it that these credits are equivalent? 

Basically, the answer lies in the accreditation process.  Within this
century, regional accreditation agencies have taken on the role of
evaluating schools and colleges.  For example, the Southern Association of
Colleges and Schools is the recognized accreditating body for 11 states
in the southern part of the United States. 

The principal concerns in accreditation, which is a voluntary process, are
"the improvement of educational quality and assurance to the public that
institutions meet established standards."  (SACS Criteria Manual,
1989-90., p.7)

The way the process works, in brief, is that each member institution
periodically undergoes a self-study based on several criteria established
by the accrediting body.  These criteria include:  institutional purpose,
institutional effectiveness, educational programs, faculty, library and
other support services, student services, athletics, administration,
financial resources, and physical resources.  The institution prepares a
written report, based on the criteria, which is evaluated by a committee
of peer educators from other institutions.  Successful completion of the
procedures results in accreditation for the institution. 

Currently this accreditation process is under some scrutiny from various
sources and may undergo some significant changes in the near future. 



Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 3.  That is when the ASQC Section
and Division Leadership Training session will be in the Washington, D.C.
area.  This session will be similiar to the Region 5 session held in
Harrisburg last July; but also different enough for folks who attended
last year to benefit.  For example, ASQC Chairman of the Board Jack West
(rather than ASQC President Dave Luther) will be discussing the Strategic

I will be ASQC's Vice-President of Divisions and Technical Committees in
1995-96.  Your new Regional Director will be Ernie Perry.  So the June 3
session will be sort of a "swan song" for me, but I won't be disappearing! 
Let me know how I can be of help. 



New Members - Old Timers - and Everyone Else
Come to this exercise and hear:

Dr. Joan Cassidy
Henry Kling
Roger St. Pierre

as they present those lessons learned the hard way, those things you wish
somebody told you on your first day at work in the quality profession. 

Saturday, 6 May, 1995
10:00 am until 1:00 pm
Dress Informally
Price is $10.00
Call Henry (703) 360-9134 for reservations


Notes from April 19, 1995 Dinner Meeting from Professional Liaison Barba

The April dinner meeting was a joint meeting of the Northern Virginia 0511
Chapter of ASQC and the Washington Deming Study Group.  Attendees were
enlightened by the presentation of Heero Hacquebord, a student of Dr. W.
Edwards Deming and a speaker during Dr. Deming's seminars.  An
international consultant in continuous improvement, Heero currently
teaches Statistical Thinking for Leaders for numerous organizations
including the Department of Defense. 

Heero began by conceptualizing the system of profound knowledge as four
interrelated elements which must be utilized simultaneously.  The System
of Profound Knowledge is the most effective theory for leadership. 
According to Heero, if we do not change the way our organizations are
led, we are doomed to become a third world country. 

Deming taught us that management is prediction.  Decisions made today
affect tomorrow's performance.  How can a leader know whether a decision
will optimize future performance?  Heero contends that "There is no such
thing as a correct answer when dealing with a social system."  All
theories are correct in a given sense.  The problem is that five different
answers result in five different futures.  Leaders need profound knowledge
to apply the appropriate theory and thereby select the best answer. 

According to Heero, some people need extrinsic motivation in certain
situations.  The obligation of a leader is to visit people, learn their
individual differences, offer extrinsic motivation when appropriate, and
facilitate the continual development of intrinsic motivation. 

The newsletter of the Washington Deming Study Group will feature a more
detailed article on Heero's presentation. 


Highlights of the past and coming months from Electronic Media Chair Bill

The number of users accesses to the Online Quality Resources at
QUALITY.ORG, for the month of March, exceeded 10,000; 

For the first time, an ASQC Division (Measurement Quality) has requested
the creation of an e-mail discussion list for its members (for info on the
list, send me an e-mail message); 

The electronic outreach efforts of Section 0511 were mentioned -- and your
Electronic Media Chairman quoted -- in the March issue of Quality Digest
magazine (if you want a copy of the magazine, send $1.50 in postage to
Bill Casti, at:  POB 1412, Herndon, VA 22070); 

Your Electronic Media Chairman will be making two brief presentations to
ASQC National committees, prior to the start of the American Quality
Congress in Cincinnati next month, speaking on "The System Capabilities of
QUALITY.ORG and Its Benefits to ASQC Members;" 

Three more ASQC sections have requested and been assigned e-mail addresses
through us: 

Section 1112 (Central Savannah River, Augusta GA)
e-mail:  asqc1112@quality.org

Section 1113 (Raleigh, NC)
e-mail:  asqc1113@quality.org

Section 1408 (Oklahoma City, OK)
e-mail:  asqc1408@quality.org

Our Section Treasurer's office now joins the other Board and Committee
positions which can be reached via e-mail, as follows; 

vice-chair@quality.org  to reach Vice-Chair Barbara Lembcke
secretary@quality.org 	to reach Secretary Patty Adair
treasurer@quality.org 	to reach Treasurer Roger Semplak
education@quality.org 	to reach Education Chair Jim Wilson
healthcare@quality.org 	to reach Healthcare Chair Dave Simmons
NQM95@quality.org 	to reach National Quality Month '95 Chair Bill Eastham
e-media@quality.org 	to reach Electronic Media Chair Bill Casti


Officers and Board Members Contact List

Chairperson:	Mary Ann Stasiak	(703) 604-2210
Vice-Chair:	Barbara Lembcke		(703) 993-8834
 			Email:	vice-chair@quality.org
Secretary:	Patty Adair		(703) 528-0765
			Email:	secretary@quality.org
Treasurer:	Roger Semplak		(703) 491-8227
			Email:	treasurer@quality.org
Auditor:	John Matthewson		(703) 534-3614
Membership:	Henry Kling		(703) 360-9134
Programs:	Russ Carstensen		(703) 739-0084
Education:	Jim Wilson		(703) 330-4222
			Email:	education@quality.org
Publicity:	Harvey Shaw		(703) 892-2740
NQM Coordinator: Bill Eastham		(703) 323-5803
			Email:	NQM95@quality.org
Certification:	Dallas Frederick	(703) 750-4273
SMP/Historian:	Walter Mendus		(703) 354-5932
 Liaison:	Barba Affourtit		(703) 778-0318
			Email:	liaison@quality.org
Electronic Media: Bill Casti		(703) 513-5673
			Email:	e-media@quality.org
Healthcare:	Dave Simmons		(703) 938-5227
			Email:	healthcare@quality.org
Student Activities: Bob Gahagan		(703) 281-9090
Region 5 Director: Ernest Perry		(610) 371-7060

			     *** end ***