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Message from The Editor

Welcome to the November-December issue of your quality magazine: QUALITY
MATTERS, the newsletter for the Northern Virginia Section 0511 of the
American Society for Quality Control.  This will be our last issue of the
calendar year 1995.

Let me take this opportunity to bring to your attention that the Deming
Institute has proposed that a W. E. Deming US Commerce Commemorative Postage
Stamp be developed, and the normal 10-year waiting period after a person's
death be waived for the release of this stamp.  

According to the Institute, the stamp would serve as a tribute to Deming's
national and international contributions and would promote his philosophy:
The right quality and uniformity are foundations of commerce prosperity and
peace.  To support this proposal, we urge you to send a signed and dated
letter including your name, address, and telephone number to: Deming Stamp
Project, P.O. Box 26244, Alexandria, VA 22313-6244. For questions, please
call Ann Marie Rezelman at (703) 768-4412 or Shirley Cahill at (202) 537-4948.

Remember, this is YOUR newsletter, a place for you to voice your interests
and concerns.  please take advantage of this forum to address any issues
concerning Quality.  I, and other Executive Board Members, hope that you
will share our enthusiasm and excitement as our dreams become realities.
Faisel Saeed


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Membership:  Henry Kling  (H) 703-360-9134
National Quality Month (NQM) and Section Management Plan (SMP):
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Programs:  Rebecca Lovern   (703) 391-8933
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Publicity:  Suzanne Stuckwisch (O) 703-920-5730;  (H) 703-241-8820
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Student Activities:      <>

by Jim Wilson and David Kae

Your Education Committee has developed new and innovative approaches to
developing skills via five education tracks and four special interest
groups.  Each track has a "Team Leader" assigned to coordinate that effort
and a planned start date. If you are interested in participating in one of
the tracks or special interest groups, please contact the appropriate team
leader.  We need you!

1. Team Dynamics
Instrumented Learning
How to develop Successful, High-performing Teams
Theories and Techniques
Facilitation Skills
Team Leader: Lea Edwards   703-273-4242

2. Change Management
Change Process
Success with Change
Organizational Design
Team Leader:  Tom O'Brien   703-941-6146

3.  Process Improvement
Advanced quality tools
Process management
Problem solving
Cost of quality
Team Leader:  David Kae    703-620-8071

4. Strategic Planning
Planning Techniques
Strategic Planning
Business Planning
Vision, Mission, and Goals
Team Leader:  Bill Taylor   (703) 308-5192

5. Organizational Performance Measurement
Introduction to Measuring Organizational Performance
Linking Organizational Performance and Strategic Plans
Measuring Work Processes
Measuring Customer Outcomes and Satisfaction
Team Leader:  Bob Wise    703-549-3824 x305

6.  MOP Study Group

MOP Clinic
Team Leader:  Bob Wise    202-237-5268

7.  ISO 9000 User's Group

Guest Speakers and roundtable discussions on numerous topics related to ISO 9000
Team Leader:  Crystal Pilkins    703-318-6440

8.  Certification Programs
Certified Quality Auditor
Certified Quality Engineer
Certified Quality Manager
Certified Quality Technician
Certified Mechanical Inspector
Certified Reliability Engineer
Team Leader:  Don Hendrix    202-488-5430

9. Healthcare Special Interest Group
Statistical Quality Techniques
Quality Assurance Tools and Techniques
Quality Management and Continuous Improvement
Performance Measurement
TEAM LEADER:  Dave Simmons    202-745-8568

"Success Stories"

Discussions will center on
4.3 Contract Review and
4.6 Purchasing clauses
of the standard.

November 14th at 6:30 p.m.
NEC America in Herndon, Virginia.

More success stories in January 16th meeting with emphasis on document
control and quality records.

For more information:
Crystal Pilkins         703-318-6440
Email                   ISOUserGp@aol.com

Section 0511 is one of the most active sections of ASQC.  If you know a
publication where we can advertise our activities, please contact 

Suzanne Stuckwisch
(O) 703-920-5730
(H) 703-241-8820
email:  Publicity@quality.org


Rebecca Lovern Tom, the new programs chairperson, seeks volunteers to help
improve the section's programs.  Although her predecessors have provided
good programs, Rebecca believes in continuous improvement and intends to
form a process action team to apply process improvement methods and
procedures to the programs function.  She hopes the PAT's efforts will
result in even better programs for the section membership.

Anyone who is willing to contribute time and ideas, and who desires to
practice quality improvement methods, please contact Rebecca via telephone
at   (703) 391-8933  or 
email her at  programs@quality.org

The Measurement Imperative:
How Organizational Performance
Measurement Can Help Organizations Succeed In The Future

Speaker:              Robert Wise, Ph.D.
Coordinator of the ASQC Measures of 
Organizational Performance Study Group

The presentation will provide an executive overview of the purpose, means,
and benefits of organizational performance measurement. It will include
basic definitions and a review of conceptual frameworks for identifying what
to measure. Reasons for measuring organizational performance and resources
for planning will be discussed as well as characteristics of a
well-developed measurement system.  A case will be made that organizational
performance measurement is an imperative for organizations of the future.


by Bob Wise

To contribute to the ASQC mission of helping local organizations increase
their investment in quality, the MOP Study Group launched the "MOP Clinic"
in September.  

The MOP Clinic meets at the regular MOP meeting on the second Wednesday of
each month to discuss a real-time measurement problem submitted by a local
organization. New members are always welcome.

As of this writing, the MOP Group has advised a distributor of high
technology scientific equipment on how to measure its contract
implementation process and has assisted the Office of the Investigator
General of the Department of Education in developing measures of key
strategic objectives. 

The MOP Group Coordinator invites any ASQC member to recommend an
organization interested in developing or improving its performance measures
for the MOP Clinic.  Just contact him to discuss how to participate in the
MOP Clinic.

NOTICE:  A half-day workshop on Measuring Organizational Performance will be
offered in February 1996.  Check the MOP message line for details. 

The new MOP message line is 202-237-5268.




The Rochester Institute of Technology and USA Today award the cup annually
to teams that make significant contributions to their employers' quality
improvement programs. 

The purpose of the award is to encourage the application of TQM principles
and to identify national role models that can enhance the quality movement.
The award program includes the following categories: manufacturing, service,
government (federal, state, local, plus all primary and secondary schools),
non-profits and small business.

This year two U.S. Air Force organizations won the cup. The nomination fee
is $150. For a nomination form, see the contact below.

CONTACT: Carol Ann Skalski, PIT/USA Today Quality Cup, (703)276-5890.

Applications for the 1996 Innovations in American Government awards
competition are due by 5 p.m. January 10, 1996.

Federal, state and local government organizations are eligible to apply. The
awards are sponsored by The Ford Foundation and Harvard University's John F.
Kennedy School of Government.

The program awards grants of $100,000 each to 15 winners, and $20,000 each
to 15 finalists. To request an application, contact: Innovations in American
Government Awards, (800) 722-0074.

Nomination forms for the RIT/USA Today Quality Cup competition must be
postmarked by December 4.

Public Sector Quality Report,
September 1995, page  6 & 8

by Dave Simmons

The Health Care Committee and the Education Committee are teaming up to
bring health care and allied health care professionals a four segment
educational program this Fall.

Segment-1: Statistical Quality Techniques for Health Care. Both a review of
basic statistical techniques and advanced techniques and tools will be
presented and discussed.
Segment-2: Quality Assurance Techniques and Tools for Health Care
Applications. This segment addresses several of the available quality audit,
operational sampling, and a variety of techniques useful for situational
analysis and quality measurement. 
Segment-3: Health Care Quality Management and Continuous Quality
Improvement. This segment deals with quality management techniques and
strategies ranging from health care quality program initiation through
implementation and resulting outcomes assessment.
Segment-4: Performance Measurement. This segment closes the loop by
assessing outcomes and program performance which can then result in the next
level of program, quality and process improvement.

A Health Care Quality Special Interest Group is also in the planning stage,
as well as involvement with other mutual interest groups within the Section.
Monthly meetings are being considered, possibly coincident with Section
meeting nights. For information, call Dave Simmons at 202-745-8568 or Abbie
Beemer at 703-321-2629.

Purpose:  Explore a comparative analysis of several planning techniques in
realizing superior organizational performance.

Instructor:  Bill Taylor
Date: Saturday, December 9th, 1995
Time: from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Fairfax County Government Center,
12000 Government Parkway, Fairfax

Cost:  $10.00 for ASQC members
and $15.00 for non-members

To register:  Call David Kae
(703) 620-8071


Purpose:  Review the basic principles and practices of measuring 
organizational performance.

Instructor:  Dr. Robert Wise
Date: Saturday, February 10, 1996
Time: from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

12000 Govt. Center, Parkway, Fairfax

Cost:  $10.00 for ASQC members
and $15.00 for non-members

To register:  Call David Kae
(703) 620-8071

Is your company engaged in a company-wide implementation of continuous
quality improvements, or a training program that you are not really sure about? 

Then get a hold of the experts by contacting Henry Kling, Experts List
Coordinator (703) 360-9134.  This is a free service to Electronics Division

ASQC Northern Virginia Section 0511


Featured Speaker:

Joel Barker
("The Business of Paradigms" fame)

December 5th

Crystal Gateway Marriott,
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway
Crystal City (Arlington), Virginia.

Cocktails from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
presentation from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Fare 		$35.00 per person.
Parking                              $5.00
(get your parking
ticket at the meeting room door.) 

co-hosted with:
Washington Deming Study Group,
The Association for Quality and Productivity,
ASQC Section 0509.

Limited Seating
For reservations call:
(301) 340 0325.


The Section 0511 library of quality related books has been started and
maintained at one of our local companies, ADI Technology Corporation of
Arlington, VA.

The following is a listing of publications in the library available to
anyone who wishes to check them out:

Company-wide Total Quality Control, Shigeru Mizuno.

Quality Without Tears: The Art of Hassle-Free Management, Phillip B. Crosby.

Guide to Quality Control, Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa.

Buying Quality (how Purchasing, Quality Control, and Suppliers Work
Together), Ross H. Johnson & Richard T. Weber.

Procurement Quality Control: A Handbook of Recommended Practices, 3rd
Edition, ASQC Quality Press.

Certified Quality Auditor Primer, 1994, Pam Anderson & Will Wortman.

Certified Quality Engineer Primer, 1993, Bill Wortman.

Certified Quality Engineer, Body of Knowledge Reference Manual,  "Draft"
January 24, 1994, ASQC Quality Press.

Anyone desiring to contribute books or other publications to the existing
library, please contact

Mr. Harvey Shaw
 (703) 892-2740