ASQ 0511 - Section Scholarships


The ASQ Northern Virginia Section (NoVa) 0511 Scholarship

Award Application deadline is 30 April 2020

The Northern Virginia ASQ Section 0511 is honored to offer scholarships in the names of two of our past Section Chairs:

The Larry Wilkins Memorial Scholarship is named in honor of our past chair Larry Wilkins: Larry served as Section Chair, 2011-2012, and had also served as our Education Chair for many years. He died suddenly from cancer in January 2012. He was instrumental in helping the Section grow and adapt to changing times.

The Gregg Monaco Memorial Scholarship is named in honor of our past chair Gregg Monaco: Gregg served as Section Chair in 2016 and in many other capacities, such as chair of the Arrangements, Education and Strategic Business Plan committees. He died suddenly from a virus in December 2016. He had a deep knowledge of Virginia and ASQ history.

  • Scholarship Award Guidelines
    1. Applicant must be sponsored by an ASQ Section 0511 member in good standing with up-to-date dues.
    2. Applicant must be pursuing a career in a technical field with emphasis on quality.
    3. Applicants must live within the geographical area of the NoVa Section.
    4. Applicant must submit the ASQ NoVa Section 0511 Scholarship Application Form. Each application shall include a paragraph describing how the applicant plans to apply quality principles in their future employment.
    5. Applicant must have section member status verified by the Membership Chair by examination of the current ASQ membership roster.
    6. All applications will be reviewed for compliance by the Scholarship Committee.
    7. The Section Scholarship Committee members will select candidates for award, and recommend them to the Section Board for approval. All candidates will be notified by 20 May of the status of their applications