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ASQ developed the ASQ Learning Institute to assist ASQ members in developing their training plan, tracking their progress, and informing members about available courses. Go to their Learning Institute to discover how this great resource can help you meet your training and certification needs.

ASQ also provides numerous education and training courses. The ASQ Training & Certification webpage contains public courses provided nationwide as well as computer-based training.

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Virginia SPQA

  • A 501(c)3 and the Virginia and District of Columbia organization affiliated with the national Baldrige organization – the nation's public-private partnership dedicated to improving the performance of U.S. organizations.
    • Registration Open - Baldrige Criteria Training - Norfolk, VA - Sept 20

    • Are you interested in organizational alignment or organizational improvement in areas like customer or workforce engagement, innovation, or strategy?
      • SPQA is hosting its Baldrige 101: Criteria and Framework all-day workshop on September 20, in Norfolk, VA. Our workshop is an ideal starting point for organizations interested in establishing an integrated performance management system and/or self-assessing progress and identifying opportunities for innovation and improvement.
      • Workshop attendees will receive an in-depth review of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework and Criteria and will share experiences that will add value to the interpretation of the Criteria. The Framework reflects the leading edge of validated management practices and enables a systems perspective and an integrated management approach to understanding and managing performance for all types of organizations, public or private, regardless of size and sector.
      • Let us help you with your performance excellence journey. Join us on September 20th, in Norfolk, for a full day of valuable learning. Consider sending a leadership team to maximize learning for your organization.
      • If you are interested in registering ten or more people for criteria training, it is more cost effective to host a training at your site. If you are interested in such a program at your site for your organization, please contact us at
      • Details:
        • Date: September 20, 2019
        • Cost: $195/person
        • Location: 5th Floor, World Trade Center, 101 Main Street, Norfolk, VA 23510
        • Lunch: provided
        • Hours: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
        • Register: here
    • Three High Demand Workshops to be Featured at Baldrige Fall Conf, Oct 24-25

    • We have successfully lined up three very strong and in-demand workshops the day before the Baldrige Fall conference in Nashville, TN, on Oct 24-25. They are:
      1. Led by by David McClaskey, President and Cofounder, and David Jones, VP, of Pal's Business Excellence Institute (a past national award recipient), which trains thousands of leaders from all over the world in performance and operations excellence. The workshop entitled, Excellence is in the Details, teaches how to push beyond the 85% required to make a transaction complete to tackle that 15% that takes an organization to excellence. Learn a systematic approach for designing the details into service, product, and people processes through Baldrige award-winning examples and practice exercises; and, how to deploy to the entire organization.
      2. Led by JoAnn Sternke, Senior Leader & Coach, Studer Education (a past national award recipient), and titled, Baldrige 101 – How to Build More Excellence into Your Operations with a focus on innovation. Leave this session learning a multi-step process to finding innovative solutions, and understanding principals of the Baldrige Framework and how using it will help your organization become more innovative.
      3. Led by Steve Hunt, President, Hunt BI, who was inducted into the Cybersecurity Industry Hall of Fame and whose analyses have appeared in the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. The workshop, titled Using Baldrige Cyber to Make your Organization Cyber-Resilient, will include his techniques for easily and systematically making any organization more resistant to cyber attacks by using Baldrige Cyber and other performance excellence elements.
      4. Register now.

      Feel free to contact if you have any questions.
    Step Up to Black Belt Mastery.
    Black Belt Knowledge. Black Belt Tools.
    This year is coming to a close. What better time to sign up for the next step in your quality career? Sign up today for ASQ's Black Belt Transition training in Phoenix.
    Expand your current Lean Six Sigma knowledge base to the Black Belt level. Learn new tools and be able to apply them to a wide variety of processes across all economic sectors including manufacturing, finance, non-profit, healthcare, education, service, and government. If you are waiting for the perfect transition, this is your last chance this year.
    • Experts agree this is one of the best quality career-building opportunities.
    • The course is taught by a Master Black Belt instructor.
    • Space is limited.
    Act now to register in time.
    This compendium focuses on the skills and expertise required to move from Green Belt to Black Belt, with intense concentration on meeting the challenges facing Black Belts in their careers.

    Phoenix, AZ
    Week 1:     October 14 - 18
    Week 2:     November 11 - 15
    Already earned an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt? Previously attended ASQ's Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training? Then this course is for you. Lean principles are integrated with the DMAIC framework in this hands-on classroom experience so you can be better prepared to take the next step to your Black Belt. And your next promotion!
    Time to Move to the Head of the Quality Class
    Select One or More of These Convenient, Cost-Effective E-Learning Courses
    It's that time of the year. Pencils, pens, folders, backpacks, and every other piece of useful gear is available at rock bottom prices to get the kids ready to go back to school. Well, it's time for you to go back too. ASQ offers an amazing array of E-Learning courses you can start today. There are over 130 course topics to choose from, all in online formats that make it convenient and quick to improve your skills and knowledge on many important quality concepts. Like these:
    Brush Up on Your Quality Essentials:
    • Lean and Six Sigma  The latest practices and information to accelerate your personal efficiency.
    • Certification Preparation  Need to become a certified expert? Choose from a variety of certification preparation courses and gain the knowledge to successfully pass your credential exams.
    • Quality Fundamentals  Need to learn the basics? Or review them to improve your performance? It's all here.
    • Quality Management  Get all the unique tools and practices you'll need to help manage, maintain, and improve quality in your organization.
    • ISO/Auditing  Acquire up-to-date auditing skills to meet the latest standards.
    Budget-Friendly Pricing:
    • Courses start at just $19 for ASQ members.
    • Fifty titles under $100 each for ASQ members.
    • Twenty-five titles under $50 each per ASQ member.
    • Save your company even more money by training in groups.
    • And don't forget, ASQ members save up to 30%.
    So Get Back to School Now.