ASQ 0511 - Section Leadership Position Descriptions

The Section's leadership Committee, most often refered to as the Board, is comprised of the section officers (elected by the membership yearly) and its committee chairs, appointed by the chair with the board's concurrance. Each position below is linked to its ASQ position description. Officers and committee chairs need to be familiar with the responsibilities and duties of their position, and be aware of the resources aavilable for their positions - see this training presentation prepared by J. Eric Whichard, Regional Director, ASQ Region 05, Member, ASQ Board of Directors

Section Officers:

Section Chair

The Section Chair shall be the chief executive officer of the Section, and shall preside at all meetings of the Section and of the Section Executive Committee. He/she shall appoint all standing and additional committees, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees of the Section. The Chair shall represent the Section in all matters involving meetings or other contacts with other local, regional or national groups, or shall appoint an alternate.

Section Chair-Elect
The Section Chair-elect shall develop short-range plans for the year and develop the organization to implement the plan.
In the absence of the Section Chair, the Section Chair-elect shall perform all the duties and shall be vested with all of the powers of the Section Chair.

Section Secretary
The Section Secretary may receive applications and initial dues from applicants for admission to membership in the Society, and applications for advancement to the grade of Member or Senior Member of the Society. In such an event the Section Secretary or any Executive Committee member shall immediately forward the original signed enrolled student or regular member application blank to Society headquarters together with all dues paid in connection therewith. Any Senior membership upgrade requests shall be forwarded to the Examining Committee of the Section.
The Section Secretary shall maintain a complete and accurate roster of the names, addresses, and grades of membership of all members of the Society affiliated with this Section, and of all enrolled Students in this Section. This responsibility may be delegated to the Electronic Media Committee Chair, as appropriate.
The Section Secretary shall keep a complete, accurate, and up-to-date record of all Executive Committee meetings, and the location of official Section documents, Section owned equipment, and Section owned educational resource materials.
The Section Secretary shall prepare and submit portions of the Annual Report, and shall present such similar information as may be requested from time to time during the fiscal year by the Section Executive Committee, the Section Examining Committee, or the Section Membership Committee.
The Section Secretary shall serve as official correspondent between the Section and the Executive Secretary of the Society. He/she shall carry out all other duties assigned to him/her by these Bylaws or by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Society, and shall perform all other functions usually assigned to the Secretary of a membership organization unless otherwise assigned in these Bylaws.

Section Treasurer
The Section Treasurer shall maintain records of all remittances for Section operating expenses. He/she shall have custody of all other monies and securities belonging to the Section. He/she shall deposit all such monies to the credit of the Section in such depositories as may be approved by the Section Executive Committee, and shall disburse the same as authorized by said Committee.
The Section Treasurer shall sign all duly authorized checks or other drafts upon Section funds.
The Section Treasurer shall be bonded in an amount fixed by the Society Constitution.
The Section Treasurer shall keep accurate and complete records of all receipts and disbursements of the Section, including bills, authorizations for disbursements, and receipts for the payment of bills. He/she shall make all his/her books and all supporting papers available, upon request of the Section Auditing Committee Chair or the Chair of the Section or Society Auditing Committee or to the professional auditors retained by the Society.
The Section Treasurer shall prepare and submit portions of the Annual Report, and shall present such similar information as may be requested from time to time during the fiscal year by the Section Executive Committee, the Section Auditing Committee, or the Section membership.

Section Committee chairs:

Arrangements Chair
Audit Chair
Certification Chair
Database Administrator (DBA)
Education Chair
E-media Chair
Examining Chair
Membership Chair
Newsletter Editor
Nominating Chair
Placement Chair
Programs Chair
Publicity Chair
Recertification Chair
Voice of the Customer