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    Currently, ASQ 0511 uses the Project Performance Co (PPC) at 1760 Old Meadow Rd, McLean, VA 22102 as our exam site for all exams scheduled by ASQ. People registered to take an exam will be notified of the exact location for their exam by on the admittance letter provided by ASQ.

    Here's Important Information about ASQ exams including:

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    • Basic directions From Dulles Airport
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    A Message From Community Development
    This message has been sent to section member leaders.
    Section leaders,
    Earlier this month, we communicated the announcement that ASQ will be moving to computer based test (CBT) delivery for certification exams. This change affects the October exam administration.  Exam applicants who have rescheduled or registered for the October exam have been contacted regarding this change. You will see additional information in coming weeks and months with updates about certification and the exam process in member leader and member communication vehicles.
    As section leaders, however, your role in certification exam delivery has been significant. The change in test format raises additional questions unique to this audience. This message is intended to address frequently asked questions as it relates specifically to sections and their role in exam administration:

    Q. How does this affect the October exam administration?
    • Beginning with the October exam, a testing window from September 29 – October 15 will be available. There will also be a window open December 1 - December 17. All exams will be offered via CBT, except for special administrations and translated exams. (Translated exams will be available via CBT in March 2017).

    Q. Does my section need to find a site for the October exam administration?
    • No. With the move to CBT, ASQ exams will be offered through Prometric testing sites. The number of available location increases from 350 to 8,000.  

    Q. Will we need to report a proctor for the October exam administration?
    • No. The use of Prometric sites removes the need for a member leader proctor.

    Q. Will sections be allowed to request special administrations?
    • If you are not satisfied with your local testing centers, you will need to contact us.

    Q. Does this affect the recertification process?
    • No, CBT does not affect the requirements or process for recertification.

    Q. How can a section support the certification program?           
    • Continue to model and promote the value of certification to members and customers
    • Continue to offer certification preparation and refresher training and other professional development opportunities related to the certification body of knowledge. The change to CBT provides greater flexibility in the timing of these offerings. Additionally members and other potential examinees may be     looking for alternative approaches to preparing for exams, such as study groups, discussion groups, ask the expert access, or mentoring. Leverage the expertise in your local community to connect these individuals to the support they may be looking for.
      Promote opportunities for members to get involved in the certification program.
    • Sites for special administrations (if outside the 2 hour driving range).

    Q. How can members support the certification program?
    • Job analysis workshops
    • Test specifications workshops
    • Item writing workshop (Virtual coming soon - stay tuned!)
    • Item review workshops
    • Exam review workshops  
    • Standard setting workshops
    • Paper scoring for MGRs and MBBs   
    • Proctor special administrations (paper and pencil exams)
    • Translated exams review (if you are fluent in Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, or Portuguese)
    • Exam development committees     
    As part of the transition, and to thank proctors for their contributions, those proctoring the June exam administration will be given additional recertification units. A separate communication will be directed to proctors in the next few days.

    To help members and other interested customers understand exam requirements, please refer to our
    Certification webpage. For information specific to the CBT transition, please see the CBT webpage.
    A CBT discussion has generated a lot of comments on the
    Member Leader LinkedIn page (if you are not already a member, please join and allow time to be added to the group). We will be contributing to the discussion to clarify items where needed. Feel free to join the discussion or direct your questions directly to our Certification team at

    The transition to CBT presents an exciting new growth opportunity for ASQ. The reputation of our exams and the member experience so far are due in part to the contributions made by ASQ member units and member leaders. We appreciate all you have done to help the certification program and look forward to working with you in the future.
    Kind regards,

    Michael Byrnes
    Director of Certification Products

    For more information on certification exams go to the ASQ website at

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    Section Members' Recertification Journal packages must be examined, approved and signed off by our Recertifications Chair before being routed to ASQ HQ!. See details in the FAQ. For Recertification matters, Ms. Kurowski can be contacted at

    • ASQ Recertification Information FAQ
    • Download the ASQ Recertification Journal in PDF format from ASQ National's website or from our onsite storage right here.
    • All ASQ certifications (except Quality Inspector, Quality Improvement Associate, Quality Process Analyst, Quality Technician and Six Sigma Green Belt) require Recertification every three years.
    • Recertification packets must be submitted to ASQ National via the ASQ 0511 Recertification Chair after approval; they cannot be sent directly to ASQ National! ASQ will redirect them to the Section's Recertification Chair and the time wasted in transit will count against you.
    • ASQ members can submit their Recertification journal packets up to six months prior to the certification's expiration date. You may also submit your Recertification journal to your section's Recertification chair up to six (6) months after your certification's expiration date; this is the only "grace period" permitted.
    • Packets must be RECEIVED by our Recertification Chair no later than the last day of the grace period; for example, the Recertification package for a certification expiring on December 31, 2016 must be received by our Recertification Chair no later than the last day of June, 2017. (Please allow time for holiday mail delivery glitches, too; best to mail 2 weeks before the deadline.)
    • If packets are received more than six months after the certification expiration date, all materials will be returned to the member and they will be instructed on how to recertify by exam.
    • If you pay by credit card, your recertification can be scanned and submitted to ASQ HQ via email when it is approved by the Recertification Chair. If you pay by check, it has to be mailed to ASQ HQ. In order to minimize postage costs to the Section, approved recertification packages are batched and mailed twice per quarter. Therefore it will likely take longer to receive your new certificate from ASQ HQ if you pay by check.
    • To expedite processing, before you send your recertification packet, verify that:
      • You are using the latest version of the Recertification Journal Application
      • You have filled out all the information on the left-hand side of the Recertification Journal
      • You have included the correct payment amount
      • You signed the Recertification Journal
      • You only claimed RUs for activities completed during the 3-yr recertification period (i.e. July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017 for a certification expiring June 30, 2017)
      • You have not claimed RUs for employment in the future (i.e., if you submit your package in April, you cant claim RUs for employment through June)
      • You have not claimed RUs for professional development that has nothing to do with the Body of Knowledge for your certification (i.e., training on submitting Deltek expense reports, completing your annual performance review, etc.)
      • Your RU calculations are mathematically correct
      • You have provided evidence of the RUs claimed (No need to mail a 3-lb package or send huge files that cause tech issues! For example, a seminar cover page with title, date, and provider, table of contents, plus proof of attendance such as a completion certificate, are usually sufficient. If you include an article, paper or presentation, please print double sided, 6 slides per page, etc.)

    Mail your Recertification packet to:

    Christine Kurowski
    13666 Salk St
    Herndon VA 20171

    Please DO NOT send by any means that requires a delivery signature. Your Recertification journal processing will be delayed if you require a delivery signature or post office pickup. Be sure to retain copies of everything you send us, just to be on the safe side.
    Also, DO NOT drop off packets in person at this address. There is no safe place to leave them.

    Very Important!

    Please do not email or phone Christine to see if this is the correct address. It is! If/when the address to send your Recertification packets to changes, we'll change it on our website! Please don't waste her time or yours asking her to call or email you to confirm the address that's already here. Thank you.