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Call for Region 5 Director Nominations

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These sections all have regular meetings and offer a variety of other services. Visit the individual websites for additional details.

  • Baltimore Section 502

  • Harrisburg PA Section 503

  • Philadelphia Section 505

  • Delaware Section 506

  • Washington, DC & Maryland Metro Section 509

  • Richmond Section 1104

  • Blue Ridge Section 1108

  • Pee Dee Section 1124

  • Northern Shenandoah Valley Section 1131 Your Quality Resource in the Northern Shenandoah Valley

    • The Northern Shenandoah Valley Section will host two FREE virtual professional development opportunities in the next few weeks. Registration is required to receive the links. Certificates of attendance will be provided afterwards for those needing certification points.
      • April 2020 Meeting — Innovation and the Critical Role of Star Customers
        • When: Monday, April 13th 7 – 7:15 pm – business meeting; 7:15 – 8 presentation & discussion
        • Where: virtual
        • Cost: FREE
        • Not all customers are equal. Some people have a disproportionate influence over what others think, how they vote, and what they buy. Some excellent research puts these "Influentials" at 10% of the population. Those influential people that are also extremely well‐connected are called Star Customers and account for 3 to 5% of a given population. Star Customers™ can be a wonderful source of innovation and feedback, as their connections with others enable them to speak for a much broader audience. Because of this link to so many others, they are also able to synthesize what they hear, and reveal new insights.
        • Attend this virtual session to learn about Star Customers, their role in innovation, how to find and grow such customers and what they can and cannot do for your business; examples will be shared from Apple and WL Gore.
        • Presenter: After working in sales, service, maintenance and operations positions, and spending two years in the Marine Corps, Kai Dozier started several small businesses and realized that he most enjoyed helping leaders solve real business problems. Along the way he helped Ford improve quality, Kroger improve creativity, Gore improve innovation, Kimberly-Clark and P&G improve leadership — and all improve customer focus, sales and profitability. He developed a problem-solving methodology that is tailored and transferred to his customers in workshops utilizing their real issues, and supported by a guidebook and follow-up. There is one key that distinguishes his work: putting the customer at the center — hence "Customer-Centric Problem Solving" and "Customer-Centric Innovation"
        • Register by noon, April 10th at:
      • May 2020 Meeting — Wheel of Fortune — Product Wheel Scheduling Explained
        • When: Monday, May 18th 7 — 7:15 pm business meeting, 7:15 — 8 presentation & discussion
        • Where: Virtual
        • Cost: FREE
        • Attend this virtual session to learn how product wheels provide a powerful way to manage the scheduling of manufacturing lines that must produce several or many product types. The most obvious benefit of wheel scheduling is the increased throughput achieved through fewer and simpler product changeovers. A more subtle benefit is the improvement in quality by better grouping of products (for example, organic, gluten free or allergen containing products). The wheel concept will be described, with examples of several successful applications.
        • Presenter: Peter King, President Lean Dynamics has over 30 years of experience in a Fortune 100 Chemical company with assignments in R & D, manufacturing automation, system analysis, lean manufacturing and supply chain improvement. King has a BSEE from Virginia Tech, graduating Cum Laude. He is Six Sigma Green Belt Certified (2001) and Lean Manufacturing Certified (University of Michigan, 2002). He is certified as a supply chain professional (CSCP) by APICS ‐ the Association for Operations Management.
        • Peter and his daughter are authors of three books dealing with lean in the process industries
        • What is a Product Wheel? A product wheel is a visual metaphor for a structured, regularly repeating sequence of the production of all materials to be made on a specific piece of equipment. The overall cycle time for the wheel is fixed and the time allocated to each product ("spoke") is relatively fixed, based on the product's average demand over the wheel time. The sequence of products is fixed to result in the lowest total changeover time or the lowest overall changeover cost.
        • Register by noon, May 15th at:

    Other Groups:

    • Configuration Management Working Group

    • The INFORMS Maryland Chapter

    • The Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), National Capital Chapter

    • Maryland Performance Excellence Awards

    • Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech)

    • SPQA

    • SPQA Forum, Programs, Solicitations and Deadlines
      • Team-SPQA has hunkered down and gotten to work and we have been so productive. Our Training team has redesigned Baldrige Criteria training making it completely virtual. Our Award Program team has finalized the 2021 program for award applicants. And, best of all, our annual Forum is on!! It is completely virtual and has retained the same caliber of speakers we have had in the past sharing their experiences and journeys as SPQA award winners and national Baldrige award winners. We also will recognize the many volunteers without whom SPQA could not function.
      • I also want to put out a call to those of you interested in professional development and service. Becoming an SPQA Baldrige examiner is a great way to dive deep into the criteria and to help another organization do what it does, better. Examiner work is intense and immensely rewarding. You work closely with a team to produce a feedback report ground in the Baldrige criteria; at the same time, you are gain insight into best practices that you might consider applying in your own organization. Examiners must reapply each year.
      • Dates to Remember:
        • Annual Forum Award program, Nov. 18, 2020; cost $100; SPQA volunteers entitled to significant discount.
        • Baldrige Framework and Criteria Training, 8-hours total in 4 sessions, 3-5 pm, Nov. 3, 5, 10 and 12, 2020.
        • Intent to Apply for the SPQA Award due Oct 16, 2020.
        • SPQA Award Application due Jan 15, 2021.
        • SPQA Board of Examiners application due Dec 16, 2020.
      • Registration and additional information is available on our website at Scroll down the front page to view your area of interest.
      • Best to all and hope to see you at any and all of: the Forum, Baldrige Framework and Criteria Training, and in Examiner roles. :)
      Team SPQA
      Virginia SPQA Board
    • Still on the fence about SPQA?
      • This is a plug for volunteers to work with the Senate Productivity and Quality Awards (SPQA) program. If you are still on the fence about whether or not to invest your energies in something that matters and that can improve your own organizational skills and help you gain new perspectives and insight, perhaps reading the testimonials of past examiners, below, will help.
      • If you decide you want to join other intelligent, motivated and career-oriented individuals in work that matters, serve as an SPQA Baldrige-based Examiner. To do so, contact Jeff Lucas at or Henri Haskell at and earn that feeling of accomplishment of a job well-done.
      • Submitted Testimonials:
        1. I decided in 2017 to expand the scope of my work. I've spent the majority of my career in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance but also some time in my present company overseeing Production and Supply Chain. This has given me a holistic view of business. It's definitely a good thing to be specialized but I feel it is always beneficial to see the interconnections between functional groups. Being an SPQA Baldrige Examiner strongly reinforces this. I'm able to transfer Baldrige knowledge and more effectively evaluate different areas currently as well as provide insightful input on our direction for the future.
        2. I now make it a mission to strengthen existing processes and help to develop new ones. As an ongoing goal, my group works to further foster interdepartmental discussions and enhance communications with colleagues from our European parent site. It is important to work and brainstorm together. One of my favorite aspects of Baldrige is the incorporation of mission, vision, and values (MVV) into the organizational description right at the beginning of the process. I've taken this to heart and search for ways to more closely align my daily activities to MVV.
        3. In January 2019, I made a decision that changed the course of my life significantly. I attended a Baldrige 101 course to get an introductory understanding of the concepts. Baldrige enables you to assess strengths and opportunities for improvement across multiple business functions with the goal of building organizational performance excellence (Baldrige, 2019). I became so enamored that I sought ways to further my application of the Baldrige Excellence Framework. While networking, I discovered that Walden offers a DBA Consulting Capstone that uses the framework and associated criteria to assist organizations with increasing performance. My "why" for pursuing this specific Walden doctoral degree with a concentration in Leadership rests squarely on my passion for innovation, continuous improvement, agility, and knowledge sharing. All are core Baldrige concepts. [CT, Richmond, VA]
        4. If anyone associated with SPQA appeared at my front door, please know I would gladly follow. I cannot even begin to tell you how much you and SPQA mean to me. It has been life changing!
        5. Serving as an examiner has helped me add formalization and structure around the things that our organization has been doing and should be doing. Our organization has not always been strong at recording results related to our key processes. Through my work as an examiner, I have gained a better understanding of the need to integrate our mission, vision, and values to the results we record.
          The key thing I took away was the need to advance mature processes to ensure they are fully deployed and have a learning mechanism. Prior to serving as an examiner and working with the Baldrige framework, a lot of our key processes were well developed but lacked full deployment within our organization. Another key takeaway from the program was the mindset of framing all discussions around taking the organization to the next level. At the board level of our organization, we have set this as a key tenant of how we run every meeting and discussion. [Jacob Parcell, McKesson].
        I hope this is helpful. Contact us if you have any questions. Stay safe.

        Marcia Harrington, PhD
        Team SPQA
        Senate Productivity and Quality Awards for VA, DC, and MD

    • The Virginia Association for Healthcare Quality

    • The Washington DC Chapter of the Project Management Institute

    • Washington, DC Software Process Improvement Network (DC-SPIN)

    • WINFORMS: The Washington DC Chapter of INFORMS