ASQ 0511 - 2012 - 2013 Board

Board at Herndoon Amphora in February 2013
From Left to Right:
Standing: Paul Mills, Yvonne Fernandez, Bob Orkin, Kathleen Eaves
Sitting: Michael Coleman, Bill Eastham, Jeff Parnes
Position Name
Executive Board Officers
Jeff Parnes Chair
Jeff Parnes
Melissa Butler Chair Elect Melissa Butler
Yvonne Fernandez
Roberta Pek Treasurer
Roberta Pek
Bill Eastham Past Chair Bill Eastham
Committee Chairs
Marie Rondot Arrangements Marie Rondot
Paul Mills Auditing Paul Mills
Robert Zimman Certification & Recertifications Robert Zimman
Gregg Monaco Education Gregg Monaco
Jeff Parnes Electronic Media Jeff Parnes
Kathleen Eaves Examining Kathleen Eaves
Mike Coleman
Jeff Parnes
Finance Michael Coleman

Jeff Parnes

Rick Wells Historian Rick Wells
Sion Weaver Lean Six Sigma SIG Sion Weaver
Bill Eastham Membership Bill Eastham
Christine Kurowski Newsletter Editor Christine Kurowski
Bill Eastham Nominating Bill Eastham
Sion Weaver Placements Sion Weaver
John Mullins Programs John Mullins
Christine Kurowski Publicity Christine Kurowski
Melissa Butler Quality Management Plan Melissa Butler
Bob Orkin Voice of the Customer Bob Orkin
Christine Kurowski Volunteer Coordinator Christine Kurowski
Jeff Parnes Webmaster Jeff Parnes

Previous Board Members

We wish to acknowledge the volunteeers who have served our section over the years: