ASQ 0511 - 2013 - 2014 Board

Board at Herndoon Amphora in February 2013
From Left to Right:
Back Row: Jeff Parnes, Muzaffar Zaffar, Paul Mills, Bill Eastham, Bob Orkin, John Mullins, Gregg Monaco, Sion Weaver, Christine Kurowski, and Robert Zimman
Front Row: Leslie Braun, Yvonne Fernandez, Melissa Butler and Roberta Pek

Position Name
Executive Board Officers
Melissa Butler Chair Melissa Butler 571-299-9626 (o)
John Mullins Chair Elect John Mullins 703-582-9697 (m)
Barbara McCullough Secretary
Barbara McCullough 703-851-4599 (o)
800-670-5245 (f)
Leslie Braun Treasurer
Leslie Braun
Jeff Parnes Past Chair Jeff Parnes 703-424-2956
Committee Chairs
Gregg Monaco Arrangements Gregg Monaco (Temporary assignment) 703-968-7117 (h)
Paul Mills Auditing Paul Mills 703-727-6239 (c)
Robert Zimman Certification & Recertifications Robert Zimman 703-476-5924 (h)
Marie Rondot Database Adminstrator Marie Rondot 703-968-7117 (h)
Gregg Monaco Education Gregg Monaco 703-608-8043
Jeff Parnes Electronic Media Jeff Parnes 703-424-2956
484-307-2552 (f)
Mike Coleman
Jeff Parnes
Finance Michael Coleman

Jeff Parnes 703-550-5510 x116 (o)
509-275-6949 (f)

484-307-2552 (f)

Rick Wells Historian Rick Wells
Sion Weaver Lean Six Sigma SIG Sion Weaver 918-231-1769
Kristine Hejna1 Membership Kristine S. Hejna
Newsletter Editor Vacant
Jeff Parnes Nominating Jeff Parnes 703-424-2956
484-307-2552 (f)
Sion Weaver Placements Sion Weaver 918-231-1769
Muzaffar Zaffar Proctor Muzaffar Zaffar
Paul Meyers Programs Paul Meyers 703.748.6434 (o)
571.225.3885 (c)
Publicity Vacant
John Mullins Quality Management Plan John Mullins 571-299-9626 (o)
Software SIG
Jeff Parnes Treasurer Elect
Jeff Parnes (Temprary assignment) 703-424-2956
484-307-2552 (f)
Bob Orkin Voice of the Customer Bob Orkin 703-742-5842 (o) 571-425-0015 (c)
Volunteer Coordinator Vacant
Jeff Parnes Webmaster Jeff Parnes 703-424-2956
484-307-2552 (f)
Regional Leadership
Region 5 Director Vacant

Previous Board Members

We wish to acknowledge the volunteeers who have served our section over the years: