ASQ 0511 - 2019 Board

Board at Olive Garden in Tysons Corner, February 2017
No Va ASQ Section Board Meeting,
From Left to Right: Sara McAlpine, Moshe Rogoff, Seema Garg, Muzaffar Zaffar, Connie Broadie, Geoffrey Withnell, Barbara McCullough, Mike Novak, Leslie Braun, Eric Jensen, Ray Crawford, Charlotte Wild, Jeff Parnes and Cory Sherb

Board at Paridosa Pizza in Springfield, January 2015
No Va ASQ Section Board Meeting, clockwise from front left: Ray Crawford, Geoffrey Withnell, Moshe Rogoff, Muzaffar Zaffar, Connie Broadie, Mike Novak, Cory Sherb, Barbara McCullough, Leslie Braun, Melissa Butler, Seema Garg and Sara McAlpine

Position Name
Executive Board Officers
Jeff Parnes Chair Jeff Parnes
Barbara McCullough Chair Elect
Barbara McCullough 703-851-4599 (o)
Sara McAlpine Treasurer
Sara McAlpine
Ken Rapuano Secretary
Ken Rapuano
Committee Chairs
Carolyn Miller Arrangements Carolyn Miller 609-703-4351 (C)
Charlotte Wild Auditing Charlotte Wild
Cyndi Reichardt Database Administrator Cyndi Reichardt
Muzaffar Zaffar Education Muzaffar Zaffar 703-727-6239 (c)
Jeff Parnes Electronic Media Jeff Parnes 703-424-2956
484-307-2552 (f)
Cory Sherb Leslie Braun Finance Cory Sherb
Leslie Braun
Connie Broadie Voice of the Customer Connie Broadie 703.663.0721
Membership Matthew Omodia
Michael Novak Programs Michael J. Novak
Seema Garg Placements Seema Garg
Eric Jensen Certification & Recertification Eric Jensen
Cory Sherb Nominations Cory Sherb
Mike Coleman Strategic Business Plan Michael Coleman
Jeff Parnes Webmaster Jeff Parnes 703-424-2956
484-307-2552 (f)

Previous Board Members

We wish to acknowledge the volunteers who have served our section over the years: