Current Year — 2024
  • June 2024: Boeing Quality Problems (Jeff Parnes)
    • Presentation Slides — PPTX and PDF
  • July 2024:
      Jeff Parnes
    • Boeing Quality Problems - Coda
      Presentation Slides — PPTX and PDF
    • Deepwater Horizon — What Went Wrong
      Presentation Slides — PPTX and PDF

Previous Years

  • April 2021: Aligning Quality & Expectations in Software Development: A Human Centered Approach (Michael Chupeco)
    • Presentation Slides — PDF
  • May 2021: Quality Matters: Questions on Questions (Vladimir Nesterovich)
    • Presentation Slides — PDF
    • Topic Lists — PDF
  • June 2021: Quality Matters Round Table: ASQ Certifications (Vladimir Nesterovich)
    • Presentation Slides — PDF
    • Questions — PDF
    • Report — PDF
  • July 2021: Quality Matters Round Table: Plans and Process Descriptions (Michael Coleman)
    • Presentation Slides — PDF
    • Questions — PDF
    • Report — PDF

  • January 2020: Ones to Watch (Michael Novak)
  • February 2020: Root Cause Analysis (RCA) — Overview and discussion how we can implement this thought process? (Mike Coleman)
  • March 2020: Approval Testing - Pass, Fail or Hope? (David Kane)
  • May 2020: Quality Forward — the Decision to Join (William "Bill" A. Eastham, Jr)
  • June 2020: Drug Development and Review Process (Seema Garg)
  • July 2020: How Configuration Management Works with Quality to Ensure Mission Success (Jeff Parnes)
  • August 2020: Quality of Life: An Integrated System (Beth Leonard)
    • Presentation Slides — PDF
  • October 2020: Applying Risk Management to Stock Market Investing (ISO-31000) (Rob Chen)
  • November 2020: Two presentations on Climate Change (Richard Emory) and (David Saunders)
    • Coming Climate Crisis — Whatcha gonna do when it comes for you? presented by Richard Emory (PPTX) (PDF)
    • Vulnerability Assessments and CO2 Mitigation Plans presented by David Saunders (PPTX) (PDF) (PDF w/ Notes)


  • January 2018: Bio Banking and its Role in Research (Jai Singh)
  • March 2018: Lean Agile Product Development in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) (Eugene Nkomba )
    • Presentation Slides (PDF)
  • April 2018: Translating VOC into Strategy (Zak Pierce, Tina Cooper and Michael Casias)
    • Presentation Slides (PDF)
  • May 2018: Latest Quality Trends Fresh From ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement (Barbara McCullough, Cyndi Reichardt, and Eric Jensen)
    • Presentation Slides - ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement (PDF) (PPTX)
    • Presentation Slides - Community Leadership Institute - Ideas To Action Gathering (ITAG) (PDF) (PPTX)
  • June 2018: De-Mystifying Knowledge Management (Michael J. Novak)
    • Presentation Slides (PDF) (PPT)
  • July 2018: Approaches to Environmental Data Quality - A Historical Perspective by (Ken Rapuano)
  • August 2018: ISO 9001 Quality Management System — A Tool For Business Success (Matthew Omodia)

  • January 2017: Redesigning your Organization's Operational Review Process (Eric Malloy)
  • February 2017: Your Organization's Quality Management System is OK. Now What? (Mike Novak)
  • March 2017: Quality Tools that Outlast Managerial Trends (Cory Sherb)
  • April 2017: Agile and CMMI, are They Good Bedfellows? (Rebecca McKaughan )
    • Presentation Slides (PDF)

  • May 2017: Latest Quality Trends Fresh From ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement (Barbara McCullough, Cyndi Reichardt, and Ray Crawford)
  • June 2017: Self Assessment as Part of the Quality Leader's Toolkit (Scott Rutherford,Director, US Navy’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Calibration Center, Norfolk Navy Base, Norfolk VA.
  • July 2017: Constructing a More Effective Survey by (Cory Sherb)
  • August 2017: Strategic Process & Outcomes Improvement (Kathy Paro, Keith Hardwick, and Melissa A. Martin)
  • September 2017: DevOps Audit and Compliance (Jeff Gallimore)
  • October 2017: Driving Innovative IT Project Metrics by Embracing Human Nature (John Bowen, Senior Director of Global Partnerships, Computer Aid, Inc)
  • November 2017: Weathering the Storm: An ISO 9001:2015 Transitional Audit Tale (Monica Seh)




  • 2013
    • March 2013: Green Belt --> Black Belt (Sion Weaver, CLSSMBB, CSSBB, CSSGB) PPT PDF
    • April 2013: Pathways to Matrix Management Success (Ronald Gunn)
      • It is Strategic Futures' firm policy to not release electronic versions of our intellectual property except in cases where a client has purchased rights for use as part of a train-the-trainer project.
      • That said, for attendees who have continuing interest in the subject of matrix management and our approach to it, I suggest that they visit our website where a host of articles and blogs on the subject can be found.
      • In addition, my two books on the subject Matrix Management Success: Method, Not Magic and Matrix Management Secrets: Proven Practices for Producing Positive Results can be found at in both paperback and e-book versions. These books convey 95% of what was discussed...and quite a bit more.
    • May 2013: Performance and Quality Management Working Together Thru Technology (Marcel Hoekstra, Senior business consultant) PPT PDF
    • June 2013: An introduction to the modern day ISO Management System (Sally Smoczynski )
    • August 2013: Fallen Not Forgotten (Ward Nickisch, COL, Ret.) PDF
    • October 2013: The Red Bead Experiment (Rip Stauffer) PDF PPT
    • November 2013: Occupational Health and Safety - Enhancing Your Management System (John Thoms) PDF PPT

  • 2012
    • March 2012: ASQ Certification: The Basics and Benefits (Robert Zimman, CQA, Past Chair, Northern Virginia Section 0511) PPT PDF ASQ Item Writing Manual
    • April 2012: Operational Risk Management + Six Sigma = Success (Roberta Pek, Director of Operational Risk, Freddie Mac) PPT PDF
    • May 2012: Using the PM tool kit in Process Improvement (Tim Shrum, Process Improvement) PPT PDF
    • June 2012: IT Service Quality amidst a World Gone Cloud (Bryan Ward, Director, Cloud Computing, Serco Inc) PPT PDF
    • August 2012: Driving the Customer Experience Using Quality (John Goodman, Vice Chairman of TARP)
      • Taking the Wheel - Now is the the time for quality professionals to manage and steer customer experience - from the February 2012 edition of Quality Progress PDF
      • Using the Voice of the Multiple Customers to Drive the Quality of The Customer Experience PDF
      • Using the Voice of the Multiple Customers to Drive the Quality of The Customer Experience PPT
    • October 2012: Set Up Time Reduction - a LEAN TOOL (Gerald V. Clarke, LQA-Lean Quality Associates) PDF

  • 2011
    • January 2011: Quality at Micron Technology Virginia (Ernesto Roccatagliata, Quality and Workforce Development Manager) PDF
    • March 2011: Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (Dr. Harry Hertz, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program Director) PPT PDF
    • April 2011: 200 Years of Rugby ñ A Lesson in Continuous Improvement (Paul Meyers, Director for Corporate Quality, Project Performance Corporation) PPT PDF
    • May 2011: Federal Government Performance Metrics And Budgeting (Paul Posner, Director Public Administration Program, George Mason University) PPT PDF
    • July 2011: Leading IT Innovation to Improve Data Quality, Efficiency, and Performance (Mark Day, Chief Technology Officer of HUD) PPT PDF
    • September 2011: Quality on the Dulles Metrorail Project (Jon D. Christensen, Project QA/QC and Safety Manager, Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, and Dinesh C. Kansal, P.E., DTP Quality Assurance Manager) PDF Photo Tour PPT PDF
    • November 2011: Good to Great Process Improvement (Gerard Dache, Common Sense Solutions) PPT PDF

  • 2010
    • January 2010: ASQ's Future Study: The Forces of Change (Paul E. Borawski, CAE, Executive Director and Chief Strategic Officer, ASQ Headquarters Executive Staff) PPT PDF
    • February 2010: Process Flow Diagram: The Foundation of Process Failure Mode Effects and Analysis (PFMEA) (Jim Davis, General Dynamics Amphibious Systems) PPT PDF
    • March 2010: Creatively applying CMMI-SVC in A VERY SMALL CONSULTING FIRM (Bill Smith, CEO, Leading Edge Process Consultants LLC) PPT PDF
    • April 2010: The Odds are Against Auditing (Steven Walfish, MS, MBA, President, Statistical Outsourcing Services) DOC PDF
    • May 2010: Importance Of Leadership And Organizational Culture In Business Transformation (Keihan Sedghi) PDF
    • June 2010: Interactive Restaurant Experience, by Great American Restaurants PDF PPT
    • Aug 2010: Quality and Customer Service,Sid Jaffe PDF PPT
    • Sep 2010: Quality in a Solo Dental Practice: Theory and Application, James Eaves, DDS PPT PDF
    • Oct 2010: Aviation Mishap Investigation, Gregg Monaco PPT PDF PDF with Notes
    • Nov 2010: Developing a checklist, what is the audit purpose, Robert J. Orkin PPT PDF

  • 2009
    • January 2009: IEEE 829 - 2008 IEEE Standard for Software and System Test Documentation (Eva Freund, CSDP, CSQE The IV&V Group, Inc.) PPT PDF PDF with notes
    • April 2009: ASQ ìMake Good GreatĂ® by J. Eric Whichard, Deputy Regional Director / RD Elect PPT PDF
    • May 2009: Appreciative Internal Audits by Robert Zimman, CQA, Chair, Northern Virginia Section 0511 PDF
    • August 2009: ASQ Learning Institute by Robert Watters, ASQ Learning Institute - Director PDF
    • October 2009: Child Safety Presentation by Mr. Houseman Quality Assurance Principles for Child Safety Presentation The Seven Rules For Safety
    • November 2009: Health Care Quality by Karin Cox, RN, MSN, Quality Consultant: Critical Care & Neurosciences Services PPT PDF PDF with notes

  • 2008
    • November 2008: Transitioning to ISO 9001:2008 (Richard J. Gillis, QMS Solutions, LLC)PDF PPT
    • September 2008: Establishing a Corporate Quality Center of Excellence (CoE) (Anita Carlos, SAIC) PDF PPT
    • August 2008: Interactive Analysis and Data Visualization Using JMP (Dara Hammond, Federal Systems Engineer) PDF PPT
    • May 2008: Mobile Tech: Standardizing QA in the Field (Manoj Ramnani, President Mobile Spectrum)PDF PPT
    • April 2008: Mission Assurance (SI InternationalĂ­s Quality Management System, John Wheeler, Director, Mission Assurance)PDF PPT
    • February 2008: De-Mystifying Knowledge Management (Michael J. Novak, Performance Improvement Branch, Strategic Acquisition Initiatives, Office of Procurement, IRS) PDF PPT Making Sense Out of Category 4
    • January 2008: Challenges of Training Software Testers (Jesse Rosenthal, Test Coordinator for the Resources Information Technology Program Office (RITPO) within the Department of Defense Military Health System)PDF PPT

  • 2007
    • October 2007: Deploying Six Sigma In Your Organization: A Structured Approach (Delaine Campbell, PMPGroup, LLC) (removed 16 Nov 2007)
    • September 2007: Virtual Tour of Capitol Construction Program at Metropolitan Washington Airports (Robert Orkin, QA Manager, Parsons Management Consultants (PMC) Joint Venture)PPT PDF
    • August 2007: Building Relationships for Professional & Personal Success (Bob Gahagan, CCSI-Corporate Consulting Services, Inc)
    • June 2007: Working in Iraq (Bill Casti, BearingPoint)
    • April 2007: Physical Security (Tom Collins, S.W.I.F.T.)

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